Letter #33 05/23/11 A visit from Elder Cook!!

hey family,

this week was super good.  the conference with elder cook was legit.
We woke up that morning at 3-30 to get ready because we had to be at
the stake center at 5am.  from there we took a bus with all the other
missionaries in coatza to villahermosa.  and at 9 am we had the
meeting with elder cook.  it was sweet.  all the missionaries from the
whole mission were there. and our group was the first to arrive so we
were on the 3rd row.  i was like 10 , 15 feet away from him.  at the
start when he came in he and his wife took the time to shake every
missionaries hand.  the choir sang "this is the christ" in spanish.
and then elder cook took some time to do a question answer session.
and some of the missionaries got to ask the apostle questions.  but
they had to be questions focused in the mission-- haha.   so there
were questions about preach my gospel. and how to be better
missionaries.   and elder cook is a fountain of knowledge seriously.
before the person had even finished the question he had scriptures to
answer it.    he was powerful, when he spoke.  i feel bad for all the
spanish speakers. because elder cook spoke in english -- they had a
translator but he wasnt the best and its not quite the same as hearing
and understanding it from his own voice!    after the question answer
he spent a ton of time talking about preach my gospel and how it
really should be a handbook for life.  it teaches every young man how
to become the man that the lord expects him to be.  in all of his
church callings for later in life.    elder cook says the difference
between a missionary from before predicar mi evangelio to a missionary
after is that the missionary after  you can ask to speak in a stake
conference 5 min before the meeting and he{d be able to do it.    and
i was thinking about that and it really is true.  because preach my
gospel teaches you all the doctrine that you need to know, but also
expects you to apply that doctrine differently, to the needs of every
individual.   you{re not stuck with a routine.  missionaries with
preach my gospel shouldnt have fear to speak with anyone about any
point of doctorine because they{re not confined to memorized lessons.

anyway-- rant--

ha.  also the wife of elder cook talked and oh my heavens i{ve never
seen a more loving person in my life.  you could just see it in her
face, she was glowing with light and when she spoke she was so happy
and i dont think anyone in the room could help but smile because of
the spirit that she had.  she was seriously glowing.  she spoke about
the power of the hymns in teaching the gospel and also importance of
developing christ like atributes.   -- thats my fav. chapter in preach
my gospel by the way.  chapter 6.

anyway.  after he got done speaking and the meeting was over. the
prayer was said and everything.  he was leaving the stage. and then
turned around and went to the mic and said "during the prayer i felt
that i had the need to say something in particular to those young men
who have family living in the wasatch front, i{d like to meet with all
these missionaries in the high priests room"  so we went to that room
and basically everyone was freaking out because he said it so
seriously, like something terrible had happened. all the missionaries
thought there had been another earthquake or something.  but no- ha.
he spoke with us for like 5 min on the importance of not using
facebook in the mission-- yikes. apparently some missionaries in
mexico have problems with that.. yikes.

but i got to shake his hand again after that meeting it was pretty cool!

also after the conference i was able to chat with elder tlachi for
like 20 min which was sooooo good.  ah i miss that guy.  he was
seriously a great companion.

but ya tranfers
this next week. idk if i{ll be going or not.  i might find out
tomorrow or this coming sunday. we{ll see.  i have a meeting with the
president tomorrow.  he{s interviewing all the missionaries in

investigators.  we found a new investigator this week, se llama R!
she{s awesome, she has a 8 year old daughter and the first thing she
told us when we knocked the door  was that she thinks she{d like to
join our church!!! basically she{s the most gold of gold investigator
ever.   she came to church yesterday and loved it.   and so did her
daughter.  she has a baptismal date for jun 4th

also we found another investigator who{s almost as gold as her who
also came to church,  her name is A and she also had a daughter
of about 8.  she{s really really really intelligent. i think she was a
part of a another christian church.  but left it.  she understands
everything that we teach her.   we{re going to visit her in like 20
min ha.

anyway.  thats the big news from this week.  i{ll be sure to let you
know what happens with transfers
love you all
sorry this letter is a novel.
- elder lloyd

From Chat:
yeah a serious big couple of weeks.  but i{m excited!       i love you
all too.  tell the family i love them. extended and immediate!
i{m pretty pumped to meet with my president. i {ll tell you how that
went next week too.     love ya alll.    gtg. but i{ll talk to ya all next

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