Letter #36 06/13/11 Hey Family!

hey family!,

wow, sounds like this week has been pretty intense para ustedes.
glad to hear that trek went so well!  i still remember trek.  with
shelby and all the other boys from the ward!    how awesome that mom
and dad could go too.   sounds like jack had a great-spiritual time!
and thats the most important thing eh.   Slater has the
priesthood??   holy cow--    did he pass the sacrament last week or
will this next week be his first time?  ah thats so awesome. didnt you
say that slater has a new haircut too- you should send me a pic next
week of him!!   i loved the pics of trek btw.  tell jack i feel sorry
that he had to use the same clothes i did --- they were super
uncomfortable for me!!!

pues.   this week has been pretty intense!  the mission president came
and we had a zone conference!  and a member of the first quorum of the
seventy came as well.   basically it was 10 of us missionaries, the
mish pres. ,  and this member of the 70 and his wife   for like 6
hours.  it was awesome.    each of them spoke and it was super
poweful. my mission president is incredible.  he spoke on what brings
us true joy.  in the mission and in our lives.   then the wife of the
member of the 70  spoke about people who are willing to give all they
have for others. and what it really means to become like christ.  the
member of the quorum of the seventy spoke about miracles and praying
with specifics.  he shared like 4 examples from his life of when he
or people around him have received miracles by asking for them
specifically.   he talked about if you want specific answeres, ask
specifically!   i was humbled all the way through the conference.
   i felt the spirit as it testified to me of missionary work.  i{ve
spent the last few days thinking about all the blessings i{ve received
the past 8 months and they are so incredible.   people say that we
have to make sacrifices to go on the mission ---  its nothing at all
of a sacrifice when you look at everything you recieve.   i feel so
indebted to my father in heaven.   he provides me with exactly what
i need when i need it.  he gives me experiences that help me to learn
and become better.  even when i fail and dont do everything how i
should, he has provided the way to be forgiven.  i{m so grateful for
my savior.      i{m reminded of the scripture in mosiah 2 when it
talks about how the lord blesses us immediately when we obey him. and
its impossible to pay him back for everything he{s done for us.

in the middle of the conference. my mish pres. chose 2 missionaries to
do one of those -teaching practices-  in front of the whole zone and
the member of the seventy.  ha, he chose me and one of the other new
guys to the zone.  i was a little nervous to teach with a member of
the seventy literally like 3 feet behind me listening to what i said.
but it was actually a pretty awesome experience.  and it was alright
cuz we only taught like 15 min.

so to answer some of your questions
-cuidad del carmen
there are only 10 missionaries here in the whole island.  but one of
the elders is Elder Price- remember that guy i talked with before the
mission,  he was from orem!    and one of the guys from my district is
elder vasquez!!!! my first companion from the mtc!  haha.   so thats
pretty cool

my companion
he{s pretty cool.  we{re getting along really well.
ha.  but its alright. because really we havent had any problems.  we
havent argued about anything this whole time.
also a small prblem. we speak in english a ton.
 its all good. he really does teach well and he wants to be
here/have success so its all good

we have a list of like 8 that are progressing and like 5 or 6 others
but the our best investigators are
F- she{s 17 years old i think,  and she looks like lady gaga i
swear haha.  she accepted to be baptized. i
think it{ll probably be one of the last days in june. 

the other best investigator is A.  she{s awesome.  she{s 19 years
old and the first time we spoke with her and her family was super
super powerful.  only her moms never at home and her sister left
for vacation for a month.  so we{re just teaching her.    she
came to church these past 2 weeks and loves it.   we taught her to
pray after the first lesson and invited her to pray after we left.
when we asked about her prayer the next visit she said she{d never
prayed like that before. never been so sincere and she said  that she
felt like god listened and answered her prayer.     we{re going to
work really hard with her this week and i think she can be baptized
this saturday! but we{lll see.

anyway.  i gtg.
love ya{ll
have a great week
-elder lloyd

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