Letter #38 06/27/11 Hey!

 hey family!!

ah holy cow i loved your letters this week.   so glad to hear from
ben! and to read the letters from my bros and from landon!  and from
grandma y grandpa!    i{m so pumped to hear where bens going! geez
thats so intense!  he{s going to be the best missionary.  glad to hear
about slater too and his trip to the temple!  thats something you{ll
never forget!  i wish i could go to the temple sooo bad.  if i could
go back and re{do high school thats probably the one thing i{d want to
fix the most.  i{d go every morning.  the spirit there is incredible
and it can be a force to help us throughout the whole day.   i think
living in utah we forget how incredible the temple is because we have
it so close.  the people here only have a chance once a month and it
can be pretty price-y for some people here.  because its like a 3 hour
bus ride! just to get there.


this week was much better than the last one!
we had a baptism!!
we met the guy tuesday and taught him everything in like 3 days and
then he got interviewed and we baptized him saturday!!!   he{s already
come to sacrament meeting como 3 times but had never listened to the
missionaries.   its something super weird.  i{d never baptized someone
that fast before.  but really he was super super super ready.   when
we asked him if he thought joseph smith was a prophet, and if the
church and gospel of jesus christ have been restored through him,
   he said "well ya, theres no other way it could be possible" and then
started teaching us the great apostasy, using the pamphlets that we
gave him.  he was like "its all really clear here..." and started
showing us scriptures and stuff. it was sick! ha.   i was so happy.
i{m going to send you the pics sometime this week. but seriously holy
cow he was so happy at the baptism. and we also baptized his 9 year
old son!  i have a picture and he{s pretty much glowing.    we{re
pretty pumped for him and his family!  his name is Fernando and his
son is Ivan.

also this week we{ve had some great experiences with the members.
we had family night with a family in the ward who have a daughter
thats struggling a bit right now. and her parents were very worried.
but we went to their house and we went with an object lesson that i
had and we taught them and the spirit was super strong. my companion
and i taught them about how they need to be more united as a family.
about how the time we have with the whole family living in the same
house is very limited.  we have to spend all the time together
possible,  we taught them about the power of family scripture study
and prayer.    and we invited them to pray and read together every
single night  and they accepted.     we checked up with them yesterday
and they said they havent missed a night.  it was pretty neat because
the difference in their family is visible.  you could see the happiness
as a family in their eyes.

we also taught some members that were having marriage problems and we
taught them for a while and things werent really progressing in the
lesson.  then it came to my mind to ask them if they were praying as a
couple every night.  they said no.   and we were able to use that to help
them.   i think that many marriage problems come from that! come from
not reading the scriptures or praying together.  how can parents hope
to be able to guide their families without the guidance of the spirit
and how can they have the guidance of the spirit without doing the
very basics. praying and reading.

on a lighter note =)
today i spent almost the whole day at the beach!!! =)   it was a zone
activity, we played beach volleyball and football. the beaches here in
cuidad del carmen are soooo pretty.   white sand.  and they have like
these pavilions that are just public owned and you can just use them
whenever.  it was super super nice.

its raining season here!  its rains almost every day. and the streets
fillll up with water.

well i gtg or i{m not going to be able to chatt!! =)
love you all
-elder lloyd

More from Matt's "Chat":

it was a super awesome baptism with a ton of people!   the speakers
were good. we sang a special musical number. with three companionships
of missionaries. it was pretty awesome!

yeah having fun is way important.  the days that arent good are the
days when we{re depressed or we{re walking a ton and not talking w-
my companion and i have games that we play too.  like guess what
calling the people we contact are going to have in the church or when
we walk a ton we score goals by kicking pop cans or pebbles between
each others legs.  idk. stupid stuff ha. but we have fun!

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