Letter #35 06/06/11 District Leader!

hey family!

hows it going?  it was good to hear from you all this week.  i loved
your emails.  sounds like things are going well now that schools out!

so this week has been very very good.  it took 6 hours in a bus to get
here but when i arrived i was ready to get working!!!   and pretty
much i´m sooo happy here where i´m at.  the branch is called puerto
real!!!   but the funny thing is, its wayyyyyyy stronger than the ward
i was in.  there are usually 110 people ish in sacrament meeting!
thats like two or three of my old ward at times.   soo i´m pumped
about that.  the area is super super big.  super big.   which i´m fine
with because my last one was super small and i felt a bit locked in.
in my old area i had every street memorized. thats not going to happen
here ha.  there are like seriously 20 of my old area inside my new
area.  the members here arent as helpful as in the old ward but
thats fine.
my new companero elder romero is cool!  he´s from tennesse, in the US.
and he lives on an island on a lake there.  but ya. so he speaks english.  and we´ve
been speaking a lot in english actually.  i´d rather speak in spanish all
the time but its cool.   he´s got 5 months in the mission. and he spent
the first transfer in idaho with visa problems so this is only his 3rd
transfer in mexico.  he teaches well and we get along really well so
thats good.   when i arrived we didnt have any real investigators
which was frustrating.  but its ok because we found like 8 this week.
3 came to church with us.  i´m pumped to get working and baptizing =)

you were right,  its less hot here.  we´re right by the ocean. the
beach is super nice.  its white sand all the way around the island,
so thats pretty cool.   the apartment is nice, we have AC but we dont
use it much because we really dont need it.  the apartment is pretty
dang big. or at least it feels like it ha. i´d say its two of my other
apartment.  but i´m sleeping on the floor  and my comp gets the bed.

so --- responsibilities of a district leader--
well i´m still not 100% sure what they all are.  but i do know that
i have to interview the investigators in the district before they get
baptized to check if they´re worthy and meet with the requirements.
and usually those are pretty intense i hear. its like an hour and a
half interview with questions about their understanding of the gospel
and the commandments and testimony.   i havent had to give one yet
but i think i´ll be giving an interview this week.
there´s only one other companionship in my district so thats good. i´m
still getting used to all the stuff i have to do.
mostly i have to call the other companionship every night and sometimes
during the day to check how things are going with them and get them
more excited. i have to check and make sure that they´re following
the rules of the mission, and make sure they´re contacting and
teaching enough lessons.  stuff like that.  and then every tuesday i
give a district class about some topic.  this weeks theme is going to
be the role of the spirit in the conversion-- with specific focus in
how missionaries can improve their relationship with the spirit.

AAAAHHHHH!!! wahooooooooo!   ah i was so glad to hear about Ben!
Ah he´s going to love that patriarical blessing and i´m soo happy that
he´s filling out those papers!  i´m so pumped for him.   I hope so much
he gets called here haha. that would be too cool.  i´d give the president
a call and ask that he can be my companion for sure!  and me and
the president get along pretty well so i think we could work it out ha.
but wherever he goes that will be so great.   he´ll probably be getting his
call in the next month or two then ya? woot woot woot

also good to hear that landons doing well!! i didnt get an email this
week from him. dunno if thats because he hasnt written one yet or if
ronette doesnt have my email right idk.  send me his emails for sure.
 and yes definitely everyone feels unprepared.  but in a week or two
he´ll be all settled in!

jackson and slater sound great.  holy cow. jackson sounds so grown up
idk why but its like something changed in that last letter idk. it
seemed super grown up.  idk.  and i loved that part about his
virtual plants ha.    i´m glad that jack and slate are practicing
that lacrosse!

well i gtg write my president. but i love ya all a bunch!
-elder lloyd

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