Letter #37 06/20/11 hey family!!!

hey family!!!

ah well its good to be writting you all again.   pretty fast week eh?
 man i{m so excited for jackson and slater w- the priesthood and in
the priests quorem.  ah!   and sounds like landons doing
well in the mtc.  that makes me so happy. he sounds like he{s
progressing a ton.  tell him to not worry about the spanish too much.
it comes.  the teaching well is definitely the more important part!

tell slater to write me and tell me about his scout camp!!!

well to answer some of your questions--

-i email from a "cyber" close to my apartment.  its like a block away
so thats nice.
- here on p-days i dont do very much.  we spend like 3 hours
washing clothes and then the rest of the time resting or studying.  i
dont have much time to rest.
-being a district leader is much more difficult than i thought.  and
honestly i havent done as well of a job as i had hoped. but i guess
its a process. i{m going to work really hard with my distict this week
to see if we cant see some better results.  bah =(
-here in carmen we eat a lot more fish and shrimp and stuff like that,
which is awesome.  i love sea food.       also more beans-- bleh.  ha.
 but thats ok i{m dealing with that.    theres a dominoes here!! so
thats good. i{ve eaten at it 3 times already.... ha
-yes we still eat at the houses of members.  but only lunch. the other
meals are up to us.     i usually eat pb and j
-yes i{m now receiving those emails about landon.  i just didnt get
the first one. and tell ronette that i have been receiving her monthly
emails as well!!

this week has been pretty good.   we had a baptism!!!!! woot.   it was A!   she was super nervous. but she was baptized and
the service was really good. the members showed up and the talks were
great.  and then sunday she got confirmed. she{s way excited.  i
think she might serve a mission. but idk. that{d be so cool.

we had another 10ish people who told us that they were going to come
to church with us this week but  not one showed up.  so i think
that{ll probably be the focus of this next week. doing everything we
can to see some more investigators in church at the end of the week.

my companion and i are doing well.  idk.  after spending a few weeks
with someone every hour of every day  its bound that you find a few
things that start to bug you.   we havent argued even 1 time in these 3

well. i gtg. but i{ll write more next week.
love ya all.
elder lloyd

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