Letter #43 08/01/11 New Mission Home Address!

hey family

ok well first, this is the new address of the mission.  anyone who´s
going to send letters/packages should send them to this address!!


so this week has been great!  we had 5 investigators in church this
sunday! super super awesome.  I was so happy to finally have some
people that we´re teaching come.  and  3 of them werent even people
we were thinking were going to come so that was awesome.   i´m
hoping that we´lll start to see some new success in this month of August.
i´m so pumped to get working and to start a new month.

i was a little bit bummed because we didnt end up baptizing in july--
but like i said its a new month and i´m ready to start over again.     J
is going to be baptized this saturday-- he´s very ready.  he understands the
whole joseph smith story and has a huge testimony of that.   and i feel
like he´s really taking eveything way seriously which is the most
Important thing.   i´m excited to see him get baptized.    we´re teaching a
sister named C, who is in the process of separating from her spouse.
she´s already said she wants to be baptized and she´s super good friends
with a member and has a ton of suport from her family.   also we´re teaching
another guy named E who´s also separating from his spouse.  but this ones
more his fault.   he was an alcoholic and it kind of destroyed his marriage,
but he´s in the repentance process and if we can get him to come to church
he´s going to be really good.   we have a huge list of people who we´ve
found these past few weeks that i think we can easily prepare to be baptized
this month.    pray for me and my companion that we can have the spirit with
us to teach these people.   i´m trying so hard to have it with me.  i know
if we bring the spirit into the house of the investigator it will start to
work changes in their hearts.    thats what i´ve really seen in the
mission. and in life i guess.  when we´re doing the things to invite
the spirit into our lives it starts to completely change us.  little
by little, reading the scriptures, praying, fasting.  the spirit makes
mighty changes in the individual.

i´m so pumped for landon.  he´s about to have a big culture shock
=)   haha.   man i remember the first night in mexico.   i slept on
the concrete floor.  with like 8 other missionaries.   cockroaches,
weird tasting milk, you cant understand anyone.    and even with that
i was just soooo pumped to teach haha.     that first week was
difficult.  but super good too.  i hope he can remember to keep with
him that same excitement that he has right now to teach and share the
gospel for the whole mission.

glad to hear alls well at home and sounds like that camp was a total
success.  i wish i could have been there.  pumped to go camping with my
brothers and dad when i get back, that´ll be so much fun.

anyway.  i gtg.  love ya
-elder lloyd

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