Letter#47 8/29/11 Semena en puerto real

hey hey fam.

hows it going back in utah.     it was good to get your emails.   the
weeks when i hear from all of you are the best!!    sounds like you
guys have had an awesome first week of school.    that shirt looks
legit that jackson made. and i´m 100% jealous of the glasses.     i
thought i was cool when i went to those dances but jack just took it
to a whole new level =)  get me a pair of glasses like that if you

i cant believe slaters in seventh grade.  holy moly.     thats super
wierd to me.    he sounds so much older in his letters too.  hey
slate-- is mr. koefed still teaching history there in mt. ridge?   if
he is go see him and tell him i say hi.    i doubt he remembers me but
that-d be cool

its wierd thinking dads just like 4 hours away if he wanted to get
here right now.  geez.        -- also dad you should check out a talk
in the october conference in 2010   by david mcConkie.  i heard it
this morning and it talks all about what we need to do to be good
teachers  and it was super powerful.     ----  i think you might have
shared me a thought from that talk awhile back though, because it
seemed really familiar. haha



elder Jepson.   he just got here from the mtc.    he´s from arizona.
he´s 19 years old.  he´s got 1 brother and 3 sisters, he´s the third
oldest in his family and the first child to serve a mission.  super
awesome guy.   he´s tall.  really tall. like 6-3 ,  he reminds me a lot
of landon ha.     just the way he acts.   he´s super funny and way
excited to be here.
he´s so excited to speak with the people and bear his testimony,
even though his spanish is lacking... haha.     the people dont
understand a lot of what he says, sometimes i dont understand him.  ha,
and he doesnt understand anything of what the people say because they
talk so fast.  but i´ve seen some big progress with him the last
few days!!! this week we´re going to work with him more on that.   we
have 2 hours of companionship study in the mornings and 1 hour of
language study.    so in no time he´ll be teaching up a storm.     its
been a bit difficult though for me to find chances for him to teach.
because he doesnt understnad whats happening in the lesson.   so if i
want him to talk i have to look at him and say.   Elder Jepson will
now explain to you the fall of adam.   ha.   but i was thinking today
a lot about what mom said in her email about elder tlachi.  and how
much i appreciate everything he taught me and the example that he gave
me.   i hope so much that i can be the kind of missionary that he can
look up to. that i cant teach in a way that he can learn from what
i´m doing.
i know that every missionary has the right to personal revelation.
and i know that i have a right to recive revelation from the lord for
my district and for what i need to do to help my companion and my

as for investigators -- the three furniture movers moved away.   they
dont even live in this state!!! yikes.

but thats ok because we´ve got some other people that are sooooooo
ready for baptism.
the most ready is a lady whos name is A.  oh my gosh.  i´ve
never seen a more golden investigator in my life.       i met her with
elder romero.    we were standing in the street outside her house
trying to decide what to do and this dog comes out of no where and
starts peeing on my leg --  and hna Anamaria was sitting in her house
looking out the window and saw it happen and started laughing -- so we
contacted her and it turns out she´s known the church from the time she
was little.  shes had a ton of friends that are mormon,  she´s talked
with missionaries before but they never invited her to be baptized.
she knows everything!!!! everything---  holy cow.   joseph smith,
temples, priesthood, prophets, and she has a massive testimony of the
book of mormon.  she told us that the missionaries gave her a book of
mormon and at times in her life when she´s most needed help from the
lord, she´s turned to the book of mormon and found answers to her
prayers ------- oh my heavens i´ve never seen someone soooooo
prepared.    its crazy.
problem is-- she´s not married to her husband --- and he doesnt want
her to be baptized.     
also we´re teaching a guy named P A who´s wife was a
member as a teenager but hasnt been active.  she wants to get active
again and he wants to be baptized.  when we told him his family can be
together forever if they get married in the temple, he said that is the
goal he wants for his family.      he´s  awesome. he-s studying
for a phd and works al ot so its hard to find him in his house. but he
already has a baptism date for the 17. so we´re pretty pumped for him
as well.

also we´re teaching a guy named J and his family who are in the
same situation.  the wife is a member but inactive.  we´re hoping to
activate the mom and bring the dad and his kids to church.    J has
prayed about joseph smith but hasnt had an aswer to his prayer.
but he really just needs to come to church so he can see how it all
is.  if he comes to church and prays after -- his prayer will be more
sincere and he´ll have an answer

anyway.  thats basically the best people we´re working with.  there´s
a list of 20ish ha

but pray for them all. they need a lot of help.

gtg so i can chat with you =)  love ya all

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