Letter #57 11/07/11 An Impromptu Concert!!


its been a busy week here in puerto real.  we´ve been working a lot to
get things prepared for the new elder who´s going to come here.  we´re
not 100% sure about cambios, but i´ve been here for 4 transfers so my
guess is i´ll be going soon.  transfers are next week.  but this week
we´ve got two potencial baptisms,  a man named pablo alejandro,  who i
started teaching in august,  didnt really teach in september at all
and not much in october but we went back with him a week ago and he´s
very excited now to be a member of the church.  its pretty interesting
how the lord prepares his children.  many times if someone isnt quite
ready if you just leave them for a week or two and come back things
have changed and their heart is more open.   its just proof that the
lord does the greatest part of this work, not the missionaries.    the
other baptism we´ll be having for this week is a boy named ricardo
thats related to some of the members of the ward.   he´s super good,
he goes to seminary every day and wants to go to the church high school
they have here in mexico!   we´re pretty pumped for the both of them.

this week we also had interviews with the presidente, that was a great
experience like always.  i love talking with him.  he always helps me
so much to see how i need to change and be better.   he told me i
really need to help my comp to be prepared so by the end of the
transfer it´d be possible for him to be a companion mayor.  idk if
he´ll actually be a senior companion this next transfer but my guess
is soon!!

my companion and i really want to give everything we´ve got with
this last bit of time we´ve got.

cool story-- yesterday when we got back to the house, one of the two
evangelical churches on our block (fuente de auga viva)  was having a
party with music that was sooooooo loud.  we could hear it from blocks
and blocks away. --  and we are like the house right next door
basically.        so the music was super loud in our apartment. the
band that was playing had guitars and drums and piano, -- one of those
christian rock groups.  and while we sat there we had the idea come to
our mind that we should go and sing to them--- so we left the
apartment and asked the guy in charge of the concert if we could sing
-- and he said yes, so me and my companion went on stage and sang "god
loved us so he sent his son"  it was intense because there were a good
50 people there eating and partying and  the atmosphere totally
changed. my companion and i felt the spirit as we testified reverently
of our testimony of the savior through song, we didnt have time to
talk to very many people after we sang but just went back to the
apartment,  it was a pretty cool experience and i´m hoping that some
of the people who heard sometime when missionaries pass by their house
will at least be interested in knowing more about who we are and what
we believe in!

as for goods for the packages --

i´m good on the socks i believe, maybe a new shirt or two would be
good, fitted would be nice,   music-- i would like the hymns in
spanish if they have them --- idk.  or if they dont have them in
spanish you could send them in english but i really just want hymns.
or primary songs,  i´d love primary songs -- and if they have them in
spanish itd be better!

as for food- what ever you send will be great.   i dont know if i can
buy cake mixes here i havent checked.  but that was super super good
the day i had it!

well i gtg.
much love

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