Letter #58 11/14/11 Transfer! Zone Leader!!

Hola familia, como están!!!
Well i havent had a chance to read your emails today, but i´m printing them off so i can read them in the afternoon or tonight!!
Its been a super crazy day.  We´ve been getting everything ready for me to go! sadly, it is finally my time to leave ciudad del carmen!
its been really an incredible time here.   i love the people that i´ve
been able to meet and teach.  i´ve taught soooo many people in the last 6 months here and its been wonderful to have had this chance to
share my testimony with the people of carmen.   i love the members and
i love the people that i was able to teach and baptize.     this week
we had a baptism -- PA.   he´s 28 years old and married,
he says they already have plans to come be sealed in the salt lake utah temple, so i´m pretty pumped that i´ll be able to go with them a
year from now!    P has a huge testimony and i know he´s going to
be a huge help to the church here.
this next week -- after i leave =(  two more people are going to be baptized, R, and his cousin,  his cousin we found thursday.. but get this, she has the coolest name i´ve ever heard in my life --  her
name is Light of Getsemani,   can you believe that.   i was in
divisions when my companion found her, but aparently the minute they met her they asked her her name and then when she said G they immidiately taught her the atonement and she accepted to be baptized
right there-- cool eh.   pretty pumped for them!

but about the transfers--
i´m going to a new area --  its called Zapata!   and i´m going to be
in a trio,  with elder luna and elder picket.    and -- i´m going to
be a zone leader!! when they called me this morning to tell me i was shocked.  but i´m super pumped to go down there and get working.  i´ll be working with elder luna and picket which are two excellent missionaries and i´m so excited to be able to learn from them and
progress as a missionary.    not to mention that zapata is the zone
that is baptising the most people right now!!   super excited to get
to work.     every transfer is like another chance to start over and
to commit to be even better.  and thats what i want to do,  i´m excited to move to a new area and start fresh.  work with all my heart and really love the people there.  i think thats the key to missionary work. loving the people and being humble enough to do the lords will and not your own.

elder jepson will be staying here with his new companion elder Robison.  i was in the mtc with elder robison, and he´s a great missionary, he and my companion will be able to do a lot of good work here.  there are sooo many people soooo close to baptism here in carmen!
well i dont have a ton more to tell but next week will be like a novel so i can tell you all about everything!

-- elder lloyd

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