Letter #60 11/28/11 Transfers- What???

Matt and Elder Piquet and Elder Luna

hey fam!

so i´ve got some news!   looks like i´m leaving zapata!   they just
called me.  i´m leaving tomorrow to villahermosa for a conference with
all the other zone leaders,  and they told me and elder luna that we
need to bring our bags because we´re getting transfers.    they didnt
tell me where or what i´m going to be doing, i might be zone leader
still or maybe i´ll be training again, idk.   they havent told me

i´m a bit bummed because we´re looking at an awesome month.  we have a
good 10 people that are going to baptized here this month of december.
  that would have been more than in any other month of my mission.
but i know that the lord calls you to serve where he needs you.  and
obviously i learned what i needed to here.   honestly when he called
i just got this heavy feeling in my heart, but right now i´m feeling
a lot better.  i learned a TON here in two weeks.  this has easily been
the best companionship i´ve had.  elder piquet and elder luna, both super
experienced super hard workers.  but honestly right now i just have even
more desires to do even better than these past two weeks.  i want to arrive
to the next area and be even more obedient, and consecrated.

yesterday the mission president and the temple president came to our
branch.  it was a really spiritual meeting.   i could feel the spirit
so strong in my heart. during sacrament meeting the president spoke
about being able to hear the voice of the spirit and letting it guide
us in our lives.     which is intresting because i´ve been thinking
about that all this week.  The mission president knows exactly what to
do and what to say and who to help and how to help them in every
minute.  he doesnt rest he doesnt stop. he´s always doing something.
every moment.   and i know its because the voice of the spirit is
guiding him and inspiring him to know what to do.  i have felt that
way as well in moments of the mission but not in every moment,  and i
think thats what i´ll be focusing more of in this next transfer.
learning to rely on the lord to know what to do.

in the afternoon yesterday the mission president spoke about his
childhood and i realized how he became the man he is.     his mother
and him read the book of mormon together.  she asigned 10 chapters a
week to each of her children and then in family night would ask them
questions ranking in difficulty 1-10  and with the years he grew to
love the book of mormon with all his heart.     so much that at the
age of 10 he could activate his father,  his father wasnt paying
tithing and because of that they werent sealed in the temple.  but he
said that every week he and his brothers met together and made plans
of how they were going to help their father.  and eventually after
like a year of working with his brothers, they had a famly night that
was so powerful that their dad committed to do whatever it takes so
they could be together forever and their family was sealed in the
temple soon after!!!

anyway.   to answer your questions

-yes i´m eating.  i dont feel like i´ve lost weight.  i´m eating more
here than ever before.  i eat oatmeal every morning!! and we always
eat a big lunch.       idk. i´m going to start excercising better
though so maybe i´ll muscle up a bit and look a bit bigger =) haha.

-thanks so much for the christmas stuff!!   the decorations are great.
  and the tape is super super funny.    i do have to say to jack and
slater though that my video gaming desires have almost completely
left.  its weird.  i dont even have any desires to pwn some newbs or
zergling rush some protoss bases.....     --

-tell my grandmas that they are in my prayers and i love them so much.
   how did grandma b fall??    i hope she´s doing alright!   i love so
much getting her emails!
- also -- i received grma B-s package and ronettes,   i´m going to
have to open them up though to fit them in my luggage -- i´ll do my
best not to look though!! ha

any way, gtg.  have a great week!

-elder lloyd

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