Letter #59 11/21/11 Zapata!!

so i didnt have a chance to read your emails,  i printed them
off and i´ll read them later in the day.  but the way my new
companions like to do things is a bit different.  they like to do all
the writing in the morning.   in carmen i always printed off the
emails in the morning read them in the day and in the afternoon i
wrote you all.  but here it´ll be a bit different.   there are two
options,  i can read your emails first and then send you a weekly
letter thats shorter. or i can send a letter without reading your
letters and it´ll be a bit more detailed. -- my guess is you´d like
one a bit more detailed. but you guys can decide.

ah! man being a zone leader is a lot different than i thought it would
be.  ha.  but i can honestly say these are easily the best two
companions i´ve had in my mission.  we have no problems whatsoever,
we get along so well. we do our contacts, teach good lessons, we
have the spirit.  and its just been super super great this past week.
everything has just gone really really well.     its something that
i´ve never really experienced in the mission.  elder luna and piquet
are sooo good.  obedient, spiritual,  and they really know how to do
missionary work.  we´ve been working with members a lot this past week ---
something that I struggled with in past areas,   and we´ve found some new
families that are progressing really well.   elder luna has 23 months in the
mission and is about to end,  and elder piquet has one more transfer than
me in the mission. but elder piquet is one of those elders that works
miracles,  he´s divided 2 branches and the president always sends him
to the hardest areas.  elder luna was my zone leader in carmen when i
first arrived there.    i´m super pumped to learn from them.  i feel
like i´m progressing a lot better here and learning a ton.

the zone is HUGE,    it takes up a huge area of Tabasco,    on a map,
i´m in a city thats called Emiliano Zapata,  there are 5 elders here,
in 1 branch.      the president loves this branch though and wants it
to grow fast.     but the zone goes to cities like palenque,
tenosique, balacan, Trienfo, Candelaria.    there are more than 20
elders in the zone.   and its very spread out.   the farthest
companionship is like 5 hours away, close to the boarder of guatamala
i think.  i´m not sure, i havent seen a good map of the area.

mostly i´m just super super pumped to be a misionary right now.  i´m
just trying really hard right now to be more and more obedient, and
stay humble so i can learn a lot from my companions and so that the
lord can help me.    i feel really overwelmed,  but i know the lord
will help me to be able to guide and inspire my zone.  the zones in
pretty bad shape right now.   they arent baptizing,  but we´re working
with the elders and we´re excited to see baptisms in december!

- this week i saw elder tlachi!!!  i about died.  i gave him a big
hug.  he´s such a great elder.  he´s serving right now as zone leader
in villa.
- this week i ate that summer sausage you sent me -- that was super
good - thanks
-we had a baptism this week-, a guy named f!  he´s so great.
he bore his testimony in the baptism,  his families been giving him a
hard time but he´s working really hard and i know he´ll stay active!

anyway.  i want to chat, so
love ya´ll
-elder lloyd


no one celebrates thanksgiving here, actually i thought it was last
week --  ha

i´m doing good health wise  i think i´ll probably lose weight here,
we do a lot more walking up and down hills, and a lot of running too.
its weird to not see the ocean,  but theres a huge river by the city.

piquet is from idaho,  luna from monterey

> I'll bet it will be fun living with a group!  What's the area like?  Is it
> hotter?  More jungle-ish?  How many active branch members?

ya its been good this past week. the elders are way fun.  i´m working on
the whole social interaction with other elders thing ha.   because i know
as a zone leader i have to be super super excited super friendly.

its hotter here,  its a jungle,  lots of hills,  reminds me so much of what
I imagine when i think of the lamanites.   this is definitely the land

there are 100 active members of the branch mas o menos (more or less)

>> What's your apartment like?  Do you have a car?

the apartment is big, 1 super big room, and two others, and a kitchen.
 but there are 5 elders living here.

haha,  no we dont have a car, that would be sick though and really
helpful, sadly there are only two cars in the mission,  one for the
president and one for the elderes in the offices!

bah, my times up.  bah.   love you all.  talk to you next week.

just know, i´m healthy and happy.

you all be safe, happy and healthy as well!!
love you, bye

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