Letter #66 01/09/12 Carta

hey fam! hows it going --

we just got back. todays been a crazy day.  since elder quiñones
arrived we havent had a full preparation day,  we´re always doing
things with the zone --  yesterday we went to a city called comalcalco
and had a meeting with the district leaders -- we had a powerful
meeting with them where we talked about the importance of living the
gospel as a missionary.  i felt the spirit as we talked about the need
of a constant process of repentance.   the president told all the zone
leaders last week that the missionaries in the mission have stoped
feeling because of their sins--  after much time of not obeying a rule
we lose the feeling of guilt and at times we even stop seeing it as
sin.  as we talked with the missionaries i was reminded of how
important it is that in the mission we are constantly correcting
ourselves, so that we can always feel the spirit and have it with us.
  having the companionship of the spirit allows us to be truly happy.
   in the meeting we talked with the elders about how it doesnt matter
if they´ve got 1 month or 23 months left in the mission, we can always
repent, change what we´re doing and start to see the fruits of true
repentance.         it was a great meeting and we all left excited to
get to work this next week.  then this morning to end the  activity
with the district leaders we got together and played soccer and ate
lunch.  but we didnt get back till like 3-30  yikes.    so we´ve been
trying to fit the other things we needed to get done into like 2
hours.   ha.

the week went well.  the wards super excited. we had an attendance of
82! woooooot.   because the week before was 19. and the average
attendance is 50.   the bishop got really excited. 

we didnt have any investigadores.   two of our best families moved.
AH. so frustrating.  and we lost contact with one and the other doesnt
know their address.    we´re hoping this week to be able to work with
those that can be baptised this month.  idk who they are ha, but
we need to find them. i want elder quiñones to be able to finish his
mission strong-- baptizing and helping the ward.

super exciting about shelby.  tell him to write me!

anyway.  hope alls well with my bro´s and with the fam.   love you all
tons. thanks for your support and love that i can feel in cada letter.

--elder lloyd

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