Letter #68 1/23/12 Great Zone Activity!!

Matt's zone at today's activty!!

Yummy lunch!!

The ward "mini-mission"

Matt and Elder Quinones  at the ward "mini-mission"

hey fam.

its been another good week here in cardenas!  Today we had a zone
activity.   --  we got together with all the elders in the stake
center!    first we did a service project and cleaned the whole
building in and out,  then we played volleyball and cooked lunch.  it
ended up being really good.  i love the elders in the zone.  they´re
such good guys.  and its been fun to be able to get to know them
better.  as a zone leader you definitely get to spend a lot more time
with the elders from the zone.

in church this week we had 5 investigators- woot. 3 of them were from
a family that we found saturday, a mom and dad, their 3 kids and the
brother of the dad!  they seemed super receptive, we-re going to go
visit them later today. but i think they really enjoyed church.

a lady named E that we´ve been teaching showed up to church as
well.  she´s like 60 years old,  she´s got grandchildren and
everything, but she listened to the missionaries like 20 years ago in
villahermosa,  we´ve been working with her for a few weeks, she has a
strong testimony of the book of mormon and has seriously progressed so
much,      and she finally came to church -- but sadly she was a
little late, and the doors were closed for the sacrament-- and she
left!   --- bah--  my guess is she felt uncomfortable waiting outside
the door --      i felt so bad because we saw her through the window
waiting outside, but it was in the middle of the sacrament and i
thought she´d just wait till a min or two till the doors opend but she
didnt.  bah---         that was a real bummer this week.    because we
could have gotten up and left the sacrament.      bah.

but we´ve got plans to go visit her today with the bishop and i know
that one of her neighbors thats a member is also going to visit her
this week.

we´re working a lot with the elders in the zone. we did a lot of
divisions this week with the elders to get to know their
investigators.   we had 5 baptismal services planned for this past
week in the zone, but we ended up with 2---    we´re hoping and
praying that this next week will be a lot better so that the elders in
the zone can see the fruits of their work and to get to have the joy
that comes from seeing your investigators enter the waters of baptism.

well i love you alll, hope your doing well.  i didnt get to read your
letters again, but i´m printing them off to read in a few min.
hope youre all doing well.
-elder lloyd

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