Letter #67 01/16/12 A new house & a great week!

hey hey fam.

its truly been a good week!   yesterday my companion and i spoke in
church,  i spoke about the plan of salvation, and my companion spoke
on the importance of teaching in the church.  it went really well. i
felt the spirit as i prepared the talk this week, and i remember some
things that i really liked from the conference.  i studied the talk of
elder utchdorf from this last conference where he spoke about how
important we are as children of god.   i loved what he shares at the
beginning of his talk about how as we learn more about the universe we
realize how small and insignificant we really are, but really what we
need to understand is that god created everything in the universe for
us.  we are his most important creation, we´re his children.

  -- our bishop has decided that every third sunday the missionaries
are going to give talks. so that should be good!   -- our attendance
in the ward was still really good this week -- 73.  and we had 3
investigators come to church.  2 arrived late.  but they came alone
(withour any help), and we didnt even remind them so i was pretty
happy about that.     we´ve found a ton of new people to teach this
week.  they´re super good. alot of people that truly truly need the
gospel.  we´ve found two families of single moms w- children that
really need the gospel in their lives.   actually one of the stories
was pretty neat. my companion and i had been contacting the whole
morning and we hadnt had any success, all our appointments had fallen
through, and no one wanted to listen.  and just when we were going to
leave the colony where we were working and go eat my companion and i
decided to instead knock 3 more houses in the street but we promised
the lord that we would do it with faith that the people who we
contacted would listen.    when we knocked the first door we found
Hna. Alicia, and her two kids -- we taught a lesson, she accepted to
be baptised and when she prayed at the end of the lesson it was one of
the most sincere prayers i´ve heard here in cardenas!   its
interesting how the lord tests our faith before he lets us see the

today we´ve been super busy.  we moved houses today! that was pretty
intense -- the missionaries here have lived in the same house for more
than a year, i think several years actually.   but the house is super
far from where we´ve been spending most of our time -- so we´ve
decided to change houses.    the new house is nice -- it has two rooms
a kitchen and a bathroom,  but the nice thing is its on the second
floor so it´ll never flood -- and its got two balconys -- so thats
neat!      my companion and i are super excited about it because we´ll
be able to work alot more effectivily for the next few weeks.     i´ll
send you the direction so you can look at the house next week.   its
on a main road so i´m pretty sure you´ll be able to see it pretty
well.   after moving all our things, we went and played soccer again
w- the elders --- my companion likes playing sports alot on p-day and
i do to but man sometimes we get playing and we´re so into the game
that we spend waaaaay to much time playing and dont have time to do
anything else in the day ha.      but atleast it was fun -- ha.

things in the zone are going well.  we´ve had 7 baptisms in the zone
this month. and we have another 9 fechas for this next week. the
elders are very excited. we´ve got some really good district leaders
in the zone that are excited and are doing a super good job.

super excited to here that shelbys home.   AH!     cant wait to hear
his voice on that tape.     man i cant believe his back.   crazyness.
  i dont even want to think about how fast time is flying.

well i gtg fam.
hope alls going well for you all, hope all goes well in moms business
trip and hope jack and slate finished the term well!
stay safe!

love elder lloyd

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