Letter #69 1/30/12 Tabasco!!

hey familia

here i am again writing you from cardenas.

its a bit weird this time though because its my companions last p-day
of his mission!!! crazy eh?     this is the last time he´ll be writing
his family before he sees them! geez    i think that´d be a super
weird feeling.   today we went to the house of a member and ate
breakfast with them.  its a newly wedded couple, pues mas o menos,
theyve been married  for like 2 years i think,   and they just had a
baby  two or 3 months ago i think.   but they made us breakfast (eggs
and potatos) and we chilled their in there house, we washed the
clothes and everything there.

tomorrow we´re going to a conference of zone leaders in villa!   super
excited about that.  it´ll be good to be able to see some of my
friends in the mish, and to spend tuesday and wednesday with the pres.
     these conferences are always super powerful.  i feel like i learn
so much and always leave with more desires to dedicate everything i
have to the work.

this week in church we had the same family as last week come to
church! they sure are interested.  we didnt pass by bring them to
church or anything. they just showed up!  the dad of the family told
me that he felt something different in the  church and asked me where
he could buy himself his own copy of the book of mormon!    its a great
family,  sadly they´re going to have some struggles if they´re going
to progress. -- the parents arent married, they´re just living
together,   and normally thats something thats just common here and
its pretty easy to get people married,  but the problem is that both
of them are married to other people-- yikes.  ---  actually its super
common here in mexico because getting a divorce is expensive and takes
time, especially if you have kids.  so lots of couples dont end up
getting divorces they just break up and start new families.     -- but
the family we´re working with is so good.  the mom and dad (despite
the fact that they´re not legally married) have almost 10 years living
together and they have 3 kids.   they´re super super humble. they live
in one of the most humble houses i´ve ever seen. its sheet metal held
together with what looks like tree branches, the floor is dirt and
theres a swamp in their back yard so theres a ton of bugs,  but
they´re good people and they have so much faith.
we´ve talked with the bishop and i think the ward is going to help the
dad find work!

we´ve got some other families that we´re working with right now that
look like they could progress.  this month really could be one of the
best. i´m excited to start over again with a new month and start
working in the way that the lord requires.
i love the example of nephi in the scriptures when he says that he
didnt build the ship in the manner of men,   but that god showed him
how he should do it.  the lord truly guides missionary work because
its the work that involves the search and rescue of his children.

anyway.  i love you all hope youre having a great week.

love elder lloyd

the pics look great btw. --  lookin sharp in that tux jack!

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