Letter #74 3/5/12 Marzo!

Hi all, here's Matt's email.  When we "chatted" he said that he loves his
new comp, Elder Clark.  Apparently he's "way chill" and they have a great
time together, and are working super hard.  He sent this shout out to his

"tell my cousins i love them.  especially parker!
i´ve been thinking about him a lot this week -- tell him i love him a
bunch and hope he´s doing well. tell him he should write me!"

Subject: marzo

hey fam.

good to be writting you all again.   thanks for your letters of
encouragement this week.  big thanks to rachel and aunt ronette. i
always love to get emails from my cousins and from my aunts and uncles
and grandparents!  i love hearing how you´re all doing.  i´m so
grateful for my family.  i wish i could write you each a letter but
just know that the letters that i write every week are truly for
everyone in the fam.

this week we worked especially hard with two families.  a and
y, who came to church with us last week -- and a man named
r.    a and y are seventh day advents -- i think
thats what it is in english -- not sure-- they believe the sabath day
is saturday!   we´re working with them on that haha -- but they´re
reading the book of mormon and are pretty interested.  they were going
to come to church this week -- but the member that promised to pass by
and pick them up didnt even come to church.  so they were waiting and
everything but their ride didnt show up-- yikes.    but i know they´ll
come next week.      the other man is named r,  he´s a guy who´s
had some problems recently and we visited him and he´s taking steps in
his life to change.  his family is super supportive because they want
him to change some of his vices and start coming to christ.    we´re
visiting him, his wife and his mom. they´re all pretty receptive and
r is preparing to be baptized.  but we´re not sure when-- he
needs to come to church first ha.

elder clark and i are doing well.  we seriously get along great.
we´re working hard.    this week we had  Zone Leader council in
Villahermosa,  that was neat, always the best part of the mes.   we
spent the whole conference talking about sanctifying ourselves for the
work.  we talked of how a miracle is a manifestation of the power of
god,  and that one of the greatest miracles god can do is the change
he can make in someones heart.    to be able to see miracles in the
mission field we first must be completely converted to the gospel and
to this work.   so the goal of this coming month will be that all the
elders in the zone can become more pure and more consecrated to the
work.  we´re studying the atonement, memorizing the Living Christ, and
focusing on repenting constantly to become pure instruments in gods
hands.   i know that as we become pure we qualify for the
companionship of the spirit, which is so critical for this work,  as
it says in D&C  if you have not the spirit, you shall not teach.

also in the conference i got to see elder tlachi.   i had a special
spiritual experience with him there in the conference,   i truly love
and respect him.  he is a true representative of jesus christ.  he has
helped me a ton in the mission--

i´m super excited for this coming month.   the ward here needs some
help, the assistance is weak. and the ward isnt having the activities
that it needs to have.   what makes a ward great is the participation
of its members. and if there arent activities there arent chances for
the members to grow and develop their testimonies.  that was evident
this week in sacrament meeting.  this ward needs a spiritual boost.
my companion and i are going to start visiting more less actives and
start visiting as well the bishop to get him more excited about hte

well thats it for this week.

hope youre all doing well
elder m.d. lloyd

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