Letter #75 3/12/12 Hello Utah!!

Matt's awesome zone!!

Anyone know a cobbler?

This is what seventeen months of tracting looks like.  No wonder Matt has toe issues!

Hey family hows it going!

its been a good week here in Cardenas.  This week we also had stake
conference!  our stake conference was held in our stake center, but
our stake center isnt very big.  over 600 people showed up and it was
packed!  there werent enough seats in the building for people to be
able to sit, but they squished in as many seats as they could into the
chapel. it was stuffed.  and after stuffing in as many as they could
there were still like 30 people who had to just stand in the hall and
listen ha.    but it was a good conference.  the mission president
came, and the temple president.  they´re both powerful speakers.
the family that was going to attend with us sunday couldnt come, but
we had two investigators that came to priesthood session saturday
night. it was pretty sweet.  one of them was an old man, 70 years old
actually, who sells cheese in villahermosa. --  he doesnt have a cell
phone so its hard to communicate with him, but he told us thursday
night that he was going to come, and that we should meet him in the
bus station and we´d go together to the church. -- because he didnt
know where it was at.     we arrived saturday at 5 at the bus stop,
and he didnt show up, we waited and waited. and he didnt come. so we
went to the church and about 5 minutes into the meeting he showed up.
he had arrived late to the bus stop, but said he didnt want to let us
down, so he asked directions from people in the street of how to get
to the mormon church and he found it!  and he loved the meeting.
this was his first time in the church and we´re going to keep working
with him this week.

also this week, we had an awesome zone meeting,  we got the whole zone
together and talked about what we had learned in the conference.  it
was super powerful.  the spirit was so strong there.  each of the
district leaders talked about diffferent topics that we asigned them,
-- how constant prayer sanctifies us, how love for the savior
sanctifies us,  how our covenants help us to purify our hearts.    we
focused the whole conference on being sanctified as a missionary.   i
think every elder left with more desires to be pure and dedicated to
the work. and to try to become more like christ- whom we represent.

also-- kind of scary. a companionship of missionaries in the zone got
robbed in the street!  they took their phone, money, belts,
everything. yikes.  but the good thing is they didnt hurt them.   but
he president felt the impression to take missionaries out of the area.
 so now there arent missionaries in one of the wards.  yikes.   but
hopefully in the next week he´ll send us some new missionaries!

as for your letters,
looks like jack had a blast in his day date.  those pictures look like
he had a good time.  i´m pretty jealous.  i would have loved to go to
a dance with a group of the girls-boys lacrosse teams.
tell grandpa and grandma that i love them and hope they´re doing well.
 grandpa Bingham will be in my prayers especially this week!

well i gtg so i can write the pres.
have a great week-
¡elder lloyd!

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