Letter #76 3/19/12 Cambios! Ciudad del Carmen!!

Cambios! Ciudad del Carmen

hey fam!

good to hear from you this week.  tell grandma a big thanks for
writing me.  it was great to read her letter!   sounds like the family
is doing well.  thats awesome that slater sang in the choir!,  he
should join up and be an official member!   and i´m super pumped for
jack and student council.  i´m pumped to see his video when i get
back.  make sure to be taking plenty of video with jackson and
lacrosse. i want to be able to watch when i get back!    i hope his
knee is feeling better!

well, the big news this week is that its time for transfers again!!
and i´m going to back to Ciudad del Carmen,  --kind of--  i´m going to
be in the zone, but--  i´m going to be in the area Sabancuy,  its a
little pueblo in campeche.   my new companion will be elder hansen.
i´ll be leaving for there tomorrow!    i´m excited because i´m going
to be able to focus myself more in the area and in the people.  i wont
be zone leader there,  its a tiny little city with a small small
branch,  i think the attendance is like 25  ha and they meet in the
house of a member i think--    but i´m excited to get working with the
members and see some progress there.  the best thing about this change
is that i´ll be in the same zone as elder tlachi!! woot. super pumped
to be with him again. maybe we´ll do divisions and work together!

this week went well-- we worked really hard and we had 5 investigators
in church and 3 others that couldnt come but are super excited to come
next week.  elder clarks going to have a ton of success here in april!
 seriously, we´ve found a ton of good people.   little bit bumbed that
i´ll be leaving before i get to see these families baptized but i know
the lord knows where i should be. and my desire is to help others come
to a knowledge of the restored gospel.  wherever i´m at.  i loved what mom
shared about lifting others around you and leaving them better than you
found them.  i´m going to apply that in the next few days.   my goal is to
arrive in sabancuy with a good attitude and faith to be able to do the lords

you guys should check out the lds.org site and look at the bible
videos! they are soooooo powerful.   watch the ones about christs
sufffering,  the last supper, the intercessory prayer.  -- actually
you should watch all of them-- sooo good.  they´re quiet.  but if you
listen and watch prayerfully the spirit will touch your hearts i

as for questions
-i really think the shoes will keep me well till i get home,  dont you
worry about sending new ones.  save those till i get home.
-my health is good. i´m feeling well!
-in the mission we dont have bikes or cars, the mission has 1 car and
1 van,  the car for the president and the van for the offices.  so the
rest of us walk =)   i would seriously love a bike though

anyway. gtg!
i´ll send some pics next week of the area!
love matt

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