Letter #77 3/26/12 Sabancuy!!

hey fam!  hows it going--  ah, those were some awesome pics you sent
of jack playing lacrosse. they look like they could be in a lacrosse
magazine!  -- good to hear you beat lehi-- haha.    i´m super jealous.
   and i loved the pics of the family party.  everyone looks like
they´re doing well.  its interesting to see how everyones changed in
the past year and half--  you do look different!     i´m pumped to
hear about jacks eleccions! and everything! woot.

its been a great week here in sabancuy, we´ve been working really hard.
   Sabancuy is an interesting place.   yes it is small!  its not on
the island of carmen. and its not on the island after carmen thats
called isla aguada,   itst right after the two islands, its a little
town in Campeche!    its an old mexican fishing town,   its right by
the ocean!    almost everyone here is a fisherman or a field worker
(someone who works all day cutting grass with a machete)    life in
sabancuy is super relaxed super super relaxed.  its way easy to find
people in their house because theres not much to do ha. a lot of the
time when we go to our investigators houses we find them sleeping in
their hamocks haha.     -- the people are pretty poor here though.
they barely have enough to feed their families.     the branch members
provide lunch for us like in the other areas, but its usually eggs and
beans.    but the members are super nice.
 and its basically one big family, and i say that because
seriously they´re all pretty much related here haha.  the president of
the relief society, the primary, the elders quorem and the branch
president are all the Reyes family -- cousins.   but they help us a
ton.  it seems like every day i´m in the house of one of them!

our investigators are super great as well.  we´ve got an investigator
named G thats going to be baptised this week.  shes the friend
of a member and i think she might be one of the best investigators
i´ve had here.  she recieved her testimony of the book of mormon her
first time reading it!  the second visit we taught the gospel of jesus
christ and she accepted to be baptised. -- and shes made some
seriously big changes in her life.  she´s stopped drinking, smoking
and using bad language, all in the past week! ha  shes been
completeing all the assignments we leave and she´s progressing really

also we´ve got a couple that we´re teaching that wants to get baptised
but we have to get them married first.   we tried to do it today but
we´re missing some papers that they need, they have to go to the
hospital to have a blood check-- but other than that we´ve got
everything ready.  this week we´re going to get them married and maybe
we´ll have their baptism this friday!  but we still have to check

elder hansen is my new companion--  he´s from minnesota,  but went to
school in Utah state,  turns out he knows a lot of people from lone
peak that went to utah state--    he served in the military driving
trucks ha,  and he´s got a girlfriend thats waiting for him and writes
him without fail every week!!    he´s got almost 10 months in the
mission and i´m like his third companion. this is his second area.

he´s a nice guy and he works pretty well.  we get along well, the only
thing is that he gets us lost like seriously 3 or 4 times a day.  seriously.
like just a half hour ago-- with the lunch appointment--  haha.   but i´m
learning the area and i know pretty much where everything important is --
the house, the leaders of the different organizations, the church, the bus
station.    the apartment is nice.

well thats all i´ve got time for i want to send you some pics!
love you all and talk to ya next week!
-elder lloyd

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