Letter #82 4/30/12 Hey Hey Hey!!

Matt en El Arca!  Beautiful and remote!!

Matt and Elder Hansen in El Arca.  No electricity there!

hey hey hey! family!

its been a good week here in Sabancuy.  actually pretty average ha.
but some pretty random stuff happened.  in the middle of the week they cut
our electricity.  apparently the elders here havent paid in 7
months -- awesome.    so they cut off our electricity,  we talked to a
neighbor and they hooked us back on again. so we´re fine now,  but for like
3 days we had to plan and study in the night by candle light. ha.
 elder hansen said our house was looking more like a catholic cathedral than
an apartment of mormon missionaries cuz we had a lot of candles going. --
then in the night it was super hot and there were a
ton of mosquitos because we couldnt plug in the fans---        but
we´re all good now. the electricity is back!        it is getting
pretty hot here though!   may will be the hottest.  my companion got a
pretty sick sun burn.   and we´re both looking pretty tan now.  im
definitely happy that we´re by the ocean though so that i can feel that
breeze in the afternoon!

also this week we had a conference with the pres. de la mision!  it was good
to see him again. always a spiritual experience when he comes.

little bit of a bummer this week though with the investigators-- fg left town to work on an oil platform for the next few weeks. which
makes it super difficult to visit our friends in el arca!
 we went once during the week and we couldnt find hardly anyone because they
were working. if we want to go we would have to go late in the afternoon,
and thats hard because its hard to find a ride back
to sabancuy that late.     el arca is half an hour walk from a pueblo
called ignacio -- ignacio is like 15 min drive from where we can get
the bus and the last bus pases at 5 in the night.   when freddys here
he just drives us where we need to go. but its a bit rough to do it all with
out him.
so we couldnt work there this week.  it made me sad because we couldnt
teach all those people we found last week.   and we had to let go a lot
of our investigators in sabancuy this week as well because they werent
progressing.        thats one of the hardest parts of missionary work-
when you find a family sooo good, and you start teaching them and they
accept what you´ve taught and accept to be baptized-- and then for one
reason or another they recieve the test of faith and they dont
progress--  this week we had to leave behind A and his wife, because
even though he wants to stop smoking -- he doesnt have the
will power to do what it takes to receive help from the lord.  
   it made me sad to lose him and his
family.     and another 3 or 4 families we´ve been teaching.     its
just another proof though of the inspired vision of lehi.   those who
give heed to the call of those in the great and spacious building, or those
who dont hold on tight enough to the iron rode,  lose the path and dont
arrive to the tree.

also i´m getting a new comp tomorrow.   elder hansen is going to
Minatitlan,    and i´m going to be with an elder Garcia.      i dont
know much about him.  i think he might have already served here in sabancuy.
but we´ll see!  i´ll tell ya more about him next week!

hope you have a great week!
stay safe, play hard in those lax games jack and slate

-elder lloyd

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