Letter #101 9/10/12! Happy Birthday Elder Lloyd!!

Ok, Matt's emails are getting shorter and shorter every week.  In 4 weeks,
it will be just a "See you next week".  It's all good though!  Have a great
week.       - marci

Subject: hello from Gaviotas

My Family!

Thanks so much for all the emails you sent this week!   honestly i had
forgotten that my birthday is tomorrow until i opened up my mail and
was wondering why i had like 3 times the amount of emails as normal
haha.  but thats super weird to me that i{m going to be 21 tomorrow.
geez i{m old ha!

i havent received your envelope yet, but if it was in the mission
offices this past week i should receive it tomorrow!, we{ll see.

This past week has gone really well.  My new companion elder lope is
super great.  super positive,  he is from southern peru,  he comes
from a family of 10.  he has 7 brothers and sisters.  holy cow.   he
is the last of the 8. and the first to serve a mission.  so i think
his parents are super proud of him,   his whole family is active
though, and all his brothers and sisters are married in the temple!
his parents are converts to the church.   ----     we come from two
very different worlds i{m learning haha.  because here in the last two
years i{ve been getting used to mexico, but i think mexico and peru
are super different as well.

all in all everythings went very well this week though.  elder lope is
super socialable, he gets along super well with everyone.   he teaches
well!  we have a lot of people we{re working with,  they{re just
progressing super super slowly.  which can be frustrating, but we had
a lot of new investigators in church sunday and a lot of old
investigators as well.

This next week we{re going to focus a lot in helping our investigators
accept a baptismal date, because we have a lot that have come to church
2 or 3 times and still havent decided when they{re going to be
baptized.  also this week we{re probably going to get a couple
married! ha.  or maybe two couples ha.  i hope everything works out
well so we can help our investigators to get past the tests they{ve
been having the past few weeks!
It was good to see those pics of my bros, and of kams farewell.   i{m
super excited to start getting his letters from the mtc.  tell the
kilbournes i want to be on the list to get his letters!

well i gtg write the pres.

love ya{ll, y espero que tengan una buena semana

.elder lloyd.

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