Letter #102 9/17/12 Mexican Independence Day!

Hello Family!

Its good to be writing you all again this week!

First of all, Thanks a ton for the birthday envelope that you sent me!
 i enjoyed the tape you sent!  i felt like i was right there in the
kitchen. My bros are so funny in those tapes!  They´ve changed a lot
though,  even in their voices,  next time i hear your voices it´ll be
in person!

As for my b-day,   we went to a members house for breakfast and that
was nice!   then in the afternoon an investgator gave me a cake!  and
it was awesome!    The mission president and his wife called and sang
happy birthday in english.  they are such great examples of the pure
love of christ.  everytime i talk with them i feel their love.

 Also this week,   I have a new companion!!!  Transfers left and right
these days.   only this time i didnt lose a companion, we just
received another,   Now we´re  a trio.   Elder lope, Elder Flores, and
Elder lloyd!      Elder flores is from my same generation,  or in
other words he started the mission the same day i did, and he´ll be
going home the same day!    he´s from Baja California South,  a city
called Los Cabos,   or in other words,  the Mexico Culiacan mission,
he lives in the mission where landon is serving!   Cool eh?

i dont know if you guys have the pics from my first area,  but there´s
a pic where i´m with my district,  and we´re all in a room in the
church wearing blue shirts with a white dragon thing,    There are two
mexican elders in that pic, and the one that isnt elder tlachi is
Elder Flores.     only in that pic he´s about 40 pounds heavier.
he´s lost a ton of weight in the last two years.  haha.

not going to lie.  i think he´s a bit more trunky than i am.   but i´m
sure theres a reason why the lord wants us together, the three of us.

The good news is we´re going to baptize this week!!!!! yahoooo!    una
hermana que se llama C!   she´s living with some members and
has come to church the last three weeks and loves it!  she´s been
passing for some pretty serious problems in her life.  shes seperated
from her husband, and her husband kidnapped her baby.  its crazy.   but
she´s super prepared and excited for the friday!

also this past week we had a Noche Mexicana, in the church.  its
basically just a huge ward party for mexican independence day.  i have
some awesome pics i´ll show you when i get home!  there was a lot of
traditional mexican dancing, and a lot of mexican food.  we had a ton
of investigators there and all in all i think there were 220 people in
attendance, so that was great!

well fam.  hope you have a great  week.  love ya´ll A TON.

-elder lloyd

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