Letter #100 9/3/12 New Companion!!

hey family!

This week has been a bit interesting,   Elder Rodriguez finished up
his last week and went home yesterday, he seemed pretty excited i{ll
be honest haha.   yesterday and today i{ve been with another elder
from the zone whose companion also went home this transfer.   we{re
waiting for our new companions to come tomorrow.  my new companion
will be elder lope, pronounced lopay.   he{s from peru!  i think he
has less than a year in the mission, about 9 months i think.   i{ve
never met him but i{ll be sure to tell you more about him next week.

This week was a a little hard though because we got robbed.  well, i
got robbed ha.  it was a super big bummer, and i{ve been pretty
distracted with the loss all this week actually.    what happened is
that my desk where i study is right by the window,  and i left out on
my desk the other day the 300g hard drive in its box along with all
the memory cards and the flash drive.  and when we came back to the
apartment at night it wasnt there.     and our apartment is pretty
secure,  its on the second floor and really the only people who have a
key to get to the second floor are other people in the apartment
complex.   but someone, (probably one of our neighbors)  broke the
screen and took the hard drive.   so frustrating.    i{m a bit bummed
because i know it was something expensive,  but more than that i{m
super bummed about the pics i had there in the hard drive.  i think
you guys have back ups of all the pics that i{ve sent,  but i also had
all the pics that my companions had taken on the hard drive. -- and i
had a ton of music, and talks, and books in pdf format.    frustrating
that in 22 months in the mission i dont get robbed and my last
transfer this happens.  bah.

anyway,  mostly theres nothing we can do about it now.

the rest of the week went pretty well.  i loved the fast and testimony
meeting yesterday.   a member of the quorem of the seventy came to the
meeting,  idk why he was there actually ha. but it was a great
meeting,  one of the investigators bore her testimony.  she{s super
awesome, she the girlfriend of a member, and she just finished reading
the book of mormon like a week ago, and she wants to get baptized, but
her mom hasnt given her permission.

there are like 5 or 6 investigators that are attending church every
sunday but for one reason or another havent been able to get baptized.
-- frustrating.  but i{m certain that these next 6 weeks are going to
be the best of my mission.  we are going to work hard, and fast and
pray so that these families can be baptized in the coming weeks!

well i gtg. but i love ya{ll bunch.  thanks for your emails,
i loved the pics btw.

-elder lloyd

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