Letter #103 9/24/12 Transfer!!

Looks like Matt will finish his mission (maybe!) with 7 areas, and 21
companions.  He's had 3-trios, and a lot of these little mid-transfer
transfers because of issues elsewhere in the mission.   Glad he got to
return to see his investigator baptized though!

Elder Lloyd returns on Monday, October 15th, and his sacrament meeting
report will be on October 21st!

Have a great week!
- marci

Subject: ¿Pomoca?

hey fam!

well here i am writing you from Pomoca!     yep- transfers!    i{m no
longer with elder lope or elder flores.    my new companion is elder
Valensuela.  it all happened super fast.  i think there was a problem
somewhere in the mission and a missionary got sent home and they had
to move a few elders around.   But they called me i think it was
thursday morning at like 8 and told me i had to be in my new area at
10. and elder lope got transfered as well.   so we packed up in two
hours and now i{m in a ward thats called Tierra Colorada.    it was a
super big bummer because the baptism i had planned was for friday, and
i got moved thursday.---  i{ll be honest i wasnt super happy with the
transfers as well because i{ve been working so hard in Gaviotas to
help the investigatos progress, and in the week when all the problems
get resolved, they move me-- bah.    the good news is that C
was baptised friday!  and i asked special permision from the president
to be able to go back and attend the baptismal service.  so i have
some pics i{ll send ya.    also good news.  the family i was working
so hard with to get them married in gaviotas,  finally has everything
ready, the wedding is all set up and paid for.  they{re going to get
married the 2nd of october!  and baptized the 6th of october! woot!!
and another couple we were working with is also going to be married
and baptized the same week.

as for my new area---   its still in Villahermosa.  kindof.     its in
the other stake!    and in our ward there are two companionships of
missionaries!  so we divide the ward limits in two different areas.
the other companionship are sister missionaries!  they{re in our
district.  which is cool because i{ve never been in a district with
sister missionaries.  our area is called pomoca.  its a huge area of
pure apartments.  all the houses are exactly the same.  its like they
took the same model of house and copied it like 100,000 times.     The
areas pretty big.  but its super far away from the church, which makes
it hard to bring people to church.    the other problem is that the
members here arent super helpful.  its a bigger ward than gaviotas,
and they help less.  only 1 family has let us eat in their house since
i got here.  and none of the members let us borrow their washing
machine to wash our clothes. --- that is a first in my mission.
in gaviotas the members fought to feed us and there was a member that
washed our clothes for us. ---- am i whinning? woops.   haha.
---    no but its a good area, and my companions chill. and mostly i{m
just happy to be a missionary.  one thing i{ve learned in the past two
years is that it doesnt matter where you serve, if you just serve with
all your heart you find joy in what your doing.  and i{m just happy to
be a missionary for these next three weeks.  and i{m just happy to be
able to testify and to teach.   the most important part of being a
missionary is trying hard every day to represent the savior.

well fam  love ya a bunch.  we{ll be seeing each other soon enough!
until next week

elder lloyd

ps.  it was great to hear from kam this week!  glad to hear he{s doing
well --  he already sounds like a missionary!   i{m pumped to write
him when i get back!


  1. Marci! It's Geri Clements. My son just got called to Villahermosa and goes into the MTC on Dec. 18th. My other son, Kyle, who went to school at Deerfield and Mountain Ridge with Matthew gets home from his mission to Japan on Oct. 12th. We're loving this blog for helping Mitch prepare for Villahermosa.

    1. Hi Geri! This is Marci. Wow - you've got a whole lot of missionary stuff happening at your house! Sounds like Kyle and Matt are coming home within a few days of each other -- Matt comes home on Monday the 15th.

      I'm SO excited for Mitch! He will LOVE Villahermosa! President Castanedas is absolutely wonderful! Tell him to get ready for some HEAT though -- the state Tabasco is named that for a reason.

      I'm sure that Matt would love to talk to Mitch about the mission. Let me know if you guys would like to pop over to visit with him sometime!

      Good luck getting Kyle home. Are you as excited as I am? We're all getting a little crazy over here! Take care.