Letter 14 1/10/11

Hola Familia, 

holy cow, i thought last week was fast,  this week has zoomed by,  it feels like i was just writing you all like yesterday.

this week was been better success wise.  We{ve taught 25 lessons to investigators and 15 to recent converts or menos activos.  so we{ve been working hard.  and we started to see some success friday.  ha we{re calling it Dia de exito! ha.  friday we found 3 new investigators and taught all three the same day. ellos son perfecto ah. so good.  the first se llama C, we contacted her on the street in front of her house and she let us in and we taught her for 15 min about fe and good works.  because she didnt have much time.  but she invited us back the next day and we taught lesson 1,   and she agreed to be baptized when she recieves an answer to her prayers about joseph smith and the book of mormon. woot
the second investigator, P, we contacted on the street too. she said we could come visit her, but that she had been taking the lessons w- jehovahs witnesses for 2 years and was pretty serious w- them.    we{ve had 2 pretty legit lessons w- her and the last one was like 1 hour or longer and we apologized for taking so much time but she said that she wished that we could stay and teach for longer.  she{s totally going to get baptized. but not by us sadly, she{s moving this weekend to the capital.  so we{re going to continue teaching and then pass her address on to other missionaries. 
the third investigator M, we knocked at the gate of a menos activo, and he came out from behind the house and answered.   turns out he{s renting the house behind the investigators house.  we taught him the first lesson friday and again saturday and i was 98 percent sure he was going to come to church, but he didnt.  yikes. but thats ok. cuz he is a seriously awesome investigator, he asks questions that are like gold.  he was like ..so how do you two know so certainly,  i want to have that firm of a faith..  oh it was legit. and we taught him about prayer and finding answers in el libro de mormon.  ah i wish you all could meet these people.  along with all the other investigators. they{re seriously great.

as for R, ha. she completes all our compromisos, reading praying , but she wont attend sacrament meeting. she says she{s like a fruit that you cant pluck until its ripe.  and she thinks she needs a perfect knowledge of the gospel and the book of mormon before she{s ripe.   after the lesson where she said that, i was laughing so hard with my companion.  because this lady is like 78 years old. how much more time does she need before she{s ripe. honestly.  but ya we{ll continue teaching her.

as for the man that came up to us in the street.  turns out he{s a member.  but he was baptized febuary of last year and hasnt attended since march. ha. but he wants to turn his life around he says. so we{re going to meet with him and help him to make some changes.  ah i{m pumped for that.  missionary work isnt all about baptizing. its about helping people come to christ.  and fortifying the church in your area.  thats what we{re doing.  we{ve been doing a lot of re activating recently.

sounds like sacrament meeting went well. please send those testimoneies in a letter or you can just send an email!! and i can print them off in the morning on monday like i do your emails.

 i{m glad youre not worried as much about my health mom. i{m seriously all good here!! ha. but i{ve thought of some stuff you can send in the next package.  one of those cheapo watches from walmart, and a lint roller. bahaha. seriously though.    i{m pumped to get this package. Every time our zone gets together i{m anxious to see if its here.   our zone gets together tomorrow and i{m thinking i{ll get it then!!

oh i cant even describe how excited i am for landon!!  i hope so bad he comes here that would just be the best!  i could train him and everything,   but if he doesnt come here. my guess is paris france mandarin speaking.  yep that is an actual mission. ha.

  sounds like the mini missions coming up, fun fun fun

i{m going to send the priest quorum something on the tape. most likely ha.  but it wont be there in time for the mini mish.  so for the mini mish i{d say -- remember the purpose of missionary is to invite others to come unto christ and receive the blessings that  come from living the restored gospel of jesus christ.   one of the best ways to do this is by testifying. testify testify testify.  testify of the things your companion teahes and then of the things that you teach.  when you testify from the heart the spirit will be there.   the spirit always testifys of truth.  and you need the spirit because the spirit is the real teacher.  i testify that if you invite the spirit into your lessons w- pure testimony, you will feel the love of god for the people you teach,  and then the spirit will bear witness to you that the things about which you are teaching are true!

alright, well i didnt get an email from jackson. but as for slater,  sounds like schools good.  your in the play_  wow legit.  i think slaters got to be 100000000000 times cooler than me at that age, he does everything, plays, dances, drums, piano, lacross, geezz not to mention he has half a million friends. ha.  ok but to answer your quiestions slater,    on p.days i go to the store, do laundry, print - ready your letters, decide what i{m going to write back, which takes up the majority of my day,   ha, then i type it all up and send it to you.   i get to bed at 1030 every night, and my favorite food here is any kind of meat with rice. i also like the salsa{s they have.  except some are way way way way too hot. ha.  anything that i dont like i just cover in a really hot salsa so i cant taste it hahaha.

sounds like jacksons doing well though.  and i want to see the pics of this new look. 

tell ronette thanks for the letter. i always love hearing about whats up with the mechams. 

well until next week i guess, 
love you all,
elder lloyd


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