Letter #15 1/17/11

Familia =) 

ah,  its been another fast week.    this week we{ve been really busy and had our best numbers so far.  we have two investigators with fechas baptizmal.   so pretty pumped about that.   but we{re going to work really hard this week so that if we get transferred, the missionaries who move into our area will have a lot to work with.  we wont really know about transfers until sunday!  so i{ll be able to write in my next letter whats gonna happen =)

so mostly thank you all for your letters ha.  holy cow, definitely my favorite part of mondays is reading the emails you send.   tell my friends if they would like to contact me, use dear elder and then the week i get the dear elder, i{ll write them through this family email. or if its only going to be something short they can send it to one of you two, mom or dad, and then you can forward it to me.  

so mostly that missionary experience sounded pretty incredible mom!    i loved what you said about the feeling afterward with the spirt.   thats one of my favorite things that happens here in the mission field.  after a lesson when i can see that it was more the spirit guiding the lesson and teaching than me,  i know i{m doing my job ha.  its incredible how much the spirit can really tell you what you should say and when to say it.  we{ve been focusing this week on asking questions to the investigators with the spirit and its crazy how if you ask the right question you can find out what the investigator needs  to hear.  like we were prompted to ask this guy what has brought him the most happiness this past year, or something close to that, and he opened up and told us about how he found out he had cancer last feb.  it was pretty sweet how one prompting of the spirit can change the focus of the lesson 

 we{ve had some pretty legit experiences with the spirit.  it seems like at least once or twice a day the spirit will tell me and my companion the exact same thing and me and him will just look at each other and be like,  we need to share this scripture, or we need to sing this hymn.  its pretty legit.     the other day, my companion had a scripture in his head that he couldnt find in the scriptures during the lesson, and he was like  -- elder lloyd, do you have a scripture you want to share while i look this up,  and i said oh ya and i just opened up to this chapter in d and c that had come to my mind earlier in the lesson. and it turned out to be the same exact scripture that my companion had been searching for. pretty sweet. 

so i havent recieved your package yet!  yikes! i hope that it got sent to the right place!! =)   the next packages probably wont be delivered for two weeks ish. or maybe a week and a half. really depends on when the next person comes here from villahermosa!

so my ward here is improving!  i dont know if i told you about how most sundays there{s only like 35 people in church!    well the last two weeks its improved a ton.  last week it was 50 ish and this sunday we had 70  ah!! i was so pumped.  oh!! also we had our first investigator come to church this week.  pretty awesome.  except i think he was bored to death by the third hour bahahaha.   yeah.   idk. and he says our hymns are too sad ha.  this was M. dont know if i told you about him.   i think i did.  his whole family is listening to us now.  ah its great.  i think that they are our closest to baptism because the mom really things the teachings of the gospel can help her family.  and help her son who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol. !!

oh the other thing that was pretty crazy about this week!  it rained for three days straight, and not just like a sprinkling.   like pouring rain, the streets were rivers rain.  ha.  oh we were soaked. soaked.  ah and our feet were freezing.  the second day we decided to put the plastic bags that bread comes in, in our shoes and then put our feet in those to keep them dry. haha.  it worked pretty well.

also this week we havent had water in the appartment.  so thats been a pain. and apparently it happens pretty often in mexico. that the water in the city just stops working for a few days. yikes.

but how are you all doing_  sounds like jacksons grades are ridiculously good.  i{m pumped to see pics of my bros and the new game room!

random-- i ate armadilo today. and i thought i{d tell you about that.  it tastes a lot like beef.  ha.   also i almost died eating a jabanero chili this week.  seriosuly i thought i was going to lose my tongue hahaha.  oh it was bad.  i had tears coming out of my eyes it was so hot.  ha. 

ok things i need you to send.  equate daytime sinus soft gel pills.   i got sick last monday night with sinus stuff. yikes.  so in the next package please send some stuff for that.  i have enough meds here right now. but i{m low on that if i get sick again.   i{m better now i think.  my sinus{s arent hurting today.

also. i talked into the tape. i think i{m going to send it next week maybe.  especially if i get transferred.  so look forward to that.  mostly its awkward. and i think my voice sounds stupid. ha.  yikes.   and the first time i recorded i took up half of the side of one of the tapes. ha pretty sure i was just blabbering on about nothing. so i{ll try to improve with this.  its a little bit weird talking to nothing.  especially with my companion watching. he cant understand what i{m saying though ha.

good to hear that ben and mike and kim and katelyn and all my other friends are doing well.
sounds like cades loving the mtc.  i knew he would. its incredible. and sounds like shelby{s doing great too!

ah. i love you all so much
have a great week!
-elder lloyd

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