Letter #16 1/24/11

hola famila,
como esta<

thanks for the emails.  sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week
this week and its going to be even busier this coming week ya?   dads
in asia for two weeks and moms got her show for her business. lacrosse
has started up for jackson.  thats pretty legit.  hows conditioning
going jack? haha.  that week was probably my least favorite of
lacrosse, not going to lie.   and tambien the mini mission is this
week ya?  that´ll be fun.   tell jack to write me all about the mini
mission.   i wanna hear how it goes!!
slaters in the school play, thats pretty legit. tell him to write me
more about that. i want to hear about the plot and about his parts in
the play.  sorry to hear his ballroom team didnt do as well this time.
 usually they´re pretty good right?

speaking of mini mission!! landon gets his call this week! woot.  i´m
so pumped to hear where he´s going.  i wish i could be there to see
him open it!  i´m going to write him a letter next week!  with some
tips and stuff for the mish

so this week has been pretty bad in the numbers but really good with
the investigators. ha.  we had our first baptism saturday.  a boy
named C. i really cant remember if i´ve told you about him.
he´s 9. it was a really awesome baptismal service. and elder tlachi and i
are pretty pumped about the next few weeks. we think we´ll be having
some more baptisms here soon.
so transfers came and me and elder tlachi arent on the list!! woot. so
i´ll be here in the same area for at least another 6 weeks. most likely
12 more weeks.  i´m pretty excited.  we´re starting to see some
progress with our investigators.
M and his family are our main focus right now.  when we first met M we thought he was our golden investigator.  but it turns out
his family is like diamonds.  ah. they´re so awesome.   M and his
brother attended church with us sunday and it was really good.M's brother liked it a lot. and this was Ms second time. he
enjoyed it much more than the first time i think .    he said it wasnt
as boring this week hahaha.    but no really they are way good, M
could be baptised this saturday but i think we´re going to set a
baptismal date for the next saturday with his family.  they are so
great.  i think i´m going to send you some pics if i can.  next week
i´m going to send the cards with the pics in the mail for you all.
our other investigators who are new are < this lady named A--
she has two kids and her husband left them about 7 months ago. pretty
sad. but she has friends that are mormon and we taught her earlier
today and it was really really good.  i think she´s going to accept
the gospel really fast.  also i dont know if i told you about the guy
we talked to who told us he has cancer..  he´s also one of our other
really good investigators thats reading and progressing.   and there
are a lot of others that we´re teaching too that i think are going to
progress. so i´m really happy that they didnt move us.  because this
next six weeks is going to have a lot of exito para elder tlachi and
me.  but also a lot of work. which is good. we´d way rather have a full
schedule and be dead tired than have an empty schedule and have energy

so about the package... yikes.  sorrry i kind of messed that one up by
not sending that last line.  bah.  i feel terrible about it. bah.  i
hope it doesnt cost you any money.   thats kind of
depressing not going to lie.   because i´ve been having dreams about
this package.... bah.   owell.   also everything that you said you´re
going to put in the next package sounds grand!  i cant think of much
else i need.  except for maybe more tapes for recording my voice.
i´ve recorded in it two times and already one of the sides is almost
full. and i´d rather not record over the christmas tape cuz its the
only tape i have with your voices.   yikes.    as soon as i fill that
tape i´ll send it though!

so other stuff thats happened this week.     ha i taught the lesson in
gospel doctorine again.  about agency this time.  it was pretty good.
there were almost 70 people in sacrament again which is great!   but
the chorester i think is like 98 years old or something because we´ve
sang the same hymn 5 of the 6 weeks i´ve been here.  some hymn about
the new year.   i think she forgets we´ve already sang it ha.

well family i gtg.  love you all. talk to ya next week

elder lloyd

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