Letter #44 08/08/11 Hey Hey Hey!!

Av. Circuito CD. Deportiva No. 206
Colonia Atasta
Villahermosa, Tabasco
C.P. 86100

here´s the address of the mission again.....   they changed the
colonia i think.  idk. i´m super annoyed that they didnt tell us about
this change before hand!

i did get the package from grandma though!!!!! give her a huge thanks
from me!    its going to be a challenge keeping myself from eating it
all =)   its only been three days that i´ve had it and already i´ve
eaten one whole symphony bar. 2 poptarts and 2 granola bars.    and i
loved the nutella.   tell grandma a huge thanks for that and also the
letters that she sends me.  i love reading them and hearing how her
and grandpa are doing.   and even though i dont have a ton of time to
write back, the letters mean a lot.    same with aunt ronette.  give
her a big thanks for all the letters she´s forwarded from landon and
the ones she´s sent to me.   i love hearing how things are going!
also a huge thanks to her for doing the whole blog.  geez. i just cant
get over how awesome that is =)

so this week.    the mission president told every companionship in the
mission that we had to bring 10 investigators to church with us this
week.  so we worked super super hard this week trying to get as many
people to church as we could.   we had tons of families that were
going to come.  almost 17 people i think.   it was crazy.   we were
way pumped.     sadly when we passed by to pick them up.. they
werent there.    so we ended up with 3 in church. ha.      but the
good thing is that one is going to be baptized this next week.  his name
is O.  one of the best investigators that i´ve had.  he
understands everything we teach w-o us having to spend tons of time
explaining everything.  we had a pretty sick lesson with the plan de
salvacion which was awesome and we´re going to teach him the
commandments this week.   he´ll be baptized this weekend.  which is
really exciting.

j didnt end up getting baptized.  he just doesnt feel ready.    he
thinks he has to have a huge knowledge to be baptized. or that after
he gets baptized if he ever commits another error hes going to be
doomed or something.   its a problem.  i´ve shared with him soooo many
scriptures and stories from the scriptures trying to get him ready.
but nope....  frustrating.   and he´s about to leave to work again.
 ---  here in cd. del carmen. a ton of people work in oil platforms.
so basically they work 14 days and rest 14. then work 14 the rest 14
 but j  works 28 then rests 28.   so basically he´ll be gone for
like a month....  bah.

a big dissappointment  but the work goes on.

we´ve got plenty of people to teach,  although getting them to church
has turned out to be one major dificulty... especially because of the
hour.  its at 8 in the morning.   pretty early for someone who´s not
used to getting up that early.

this week has been better.  i was pretty excited most of the week
trying to invite lots of people to come to church and i think if we go
and put the same amount of effort in again this week we´ll see even
more results.

this week i spent a lot of time thinking about nephi and his
willingness to always obey the commandments of god.  he was obedient
with exactness.   i was reading in nephi 17 where it talks about him
building his ark and i love his attitude when his brothers are telling
him there´s no way he´s going to be able to build the boat. -- idk
exactly what it says in english, but in spanish it just like -- if the
lord told me to i could convert water into dirt,  -- if god has such
great power,  wouldnt he be able to teach me to build a boat.  i
know its the same with missionary work.  if the lord has such great
power -- and we know he does --   he must be able to help us to
complete the work which he has asked us to do here in the mission
field.  i love being a missionary and having the chance everyday to
invite others to come unto christ.  even when they dont always accept.
  its been a hard month.  i havent baptized since june and its killing
me.   but with any hope we´ll see some results this week.  i just keep
remembering that if the only soul i convert during this two years is
myself that would be enough.     --- and there is seriously one thing
i do know.  --i love the lord and i´ll serve him every day of my life,
and forever after. -- the mission isnt two years,  its forever.
  -- but we´re going to start seeing results i´m feeling it.   they´re
going to come soon!   i pray to have the spirt of the lord to guide my
work here so that i can be an effective tool in his hands.

love you all.
-elder lloyd

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