Letter #45 8/15/11 Oh No! A bloody big toe!!

Hmmm.... why is he wearing that flip flop?

Matt did the confirmation in Sacrament Meeting.. and then spoke!
A golden (or green) investigator flew in for a visit!

Matt says he's almost ready for baptism!
Could this be the reason for the flip flop?  Gross!
At least it looks pretty sterile!

Hi all!  Apparently Matt has had a major toe /nail issue from not long after
he left 10 months ago, and hid it from us so we wouldn't worry.  He had toe
surgery a week or two ago (again, without telling us) and we only found out
about it when his memory cards arrived in the mail today, full of pics with
him wearing one flip flop and one shoe for the past several months, lots of
disgusting pics and several videos of various bloody toe procedures in
Mexican clinics.  The real kicker -- before he actually decided to get
medical attention a couple weeks ago, he'd been dropping into "nail" shops
(seriously???) to have them dig/chip/whack away at his toe in an effort to
relieve his pain.  We're feeling pretty lucky he didn't die of blood
poisoning.  Yikes!--Marci

hey fam!
this week has been much much better!
finally broke that non baptizing streak.     baptisamos a un hombre se
llama O.    ah it was so good.  i was so happy to finally  baptize
again.  the president of the mission came to the baptism because he
was in there area.  the program was so great.   we had some girls
from the ward sing a special musical number.  a ton of people showed
up.  His family came,  mom dad brothers.   and they arent members
and have never listened to the missionaries.  after the baptism
service his dad came up to me and told me a huge thank you,  that
it had been a spiritual experience.      that was super awesome.
we{re going to go teach his family later in the week.   there are
three of them  that could be baptized,

then sunday i had the awesome opportunity to be able to confirm him a
member of the church!!   i had never confirmed anyone before so that
was cool.   i was shaking though.  ha.   because they do the
confirmations right there in sacrament meeting in front of everyone
ha.      but it ended up being super good.  i felt the spirit, and it
was a great chance to be able to use my priesthood.  then in sacrament
meeting i got to give another talk.   thats two times i{ve spoken here
in Puerto Real.      only problem this time was that i was the only
speaker that showed up.  ha.....   so they had two other people bear
testimonies and i talked the rest of the time. but it was easy
because the topic that they gave me was missionary work.  ha.

then later in the day after church we did somethign super super
awesome.  we had a concert that we{d  been practicing for the past
few weeks.     forgot to tell ya about that --   all the missionaries
in the island (12) have been meeting together like 3 times a week to
practice for this concert we were going to give.    and it ended up
being sweet.   we read parts of jesus the christ and sang songs that
go along with the words.    it ended up being so good.  about 150
people came.  we{re going to do another concert this week in an
auditorium in a university .. and there should  be about 500 people
there -------  ahhhhhh.    so we{re pretty excited about that right

investigators wise. we had 5 baptismal dates for this month before
sunday.--  none of them came.  bah. so frustrating.   but i{ve been
thinking of some things we can do to get them a little more excited.
and to help them to understand the importance of coming to church.
we{re teaching these three guys.    they{re
awesome.    and they found us.  it was so cool.     one of the people
we were teaching like  a month ago moved away, but left one of the
pamphlets that he had with our number in his house.   these three guys
found our phone number and sent us a text message wondering if we
could help them change their lives and learn how to follow the
lord..... ---
yeah we were pretty pumped.   they had to work this sunday or they
would have come to church.  but i{m super pumped for all the people
we{re teaching right now!!}

as for my companion.  he{s getting transferred -  not this tuesday
but the next.  the mission president told me i might be training one of the
new missionaries that comes in this week.  but its not a sure thing--- he
said he hasnt prayed about it yet but he said we{ll see.    either
way.  i{m excited for a new comp and to get to work again here in

well i didnt get a chance to read your letters yet--   because we had
a zone activity today-- we played soccer and raquet ball.   but i{ll
print them off and read them  this week.

love you all so much.
-elder lloyd

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