Letter # 46 Hola Familia!

hola familia

thanks so much for sending me the 4x4 plan.  i´m super pumped to start
using it with the families in my ward.  they need some serious help.

this week we brought 3 people to church.  david, israel y isaic.   and
we got there 10 min before the meeting was supposed to start.  the
church was locked and no one was there.  no one...   so frustrating.
  we opened it up.  put up chairs in the chapel, got the sacrament
ready and they started to arrive like at 8.  so frustrating.
basically its at the point where i´m almost embarrassed to bring people
to the church.   so i´m really going to work this transfer on helping
the members here to start getting more excited and to understand their
responsiblities as members of the church.

and transfers are here!  woot.    elder romero is leaving to a
zone called Minatitlan. as for me, i´m staying here in carmen with my new
companion.  Only thing is i dont know his name yet -- because he hasnt
arrived yet from the mtc!! i´m going to be Training!!!! wahooo. a greeny
straight out of the mtc.  he´s going to arrive here wednesday.  so pumped to
work with him.  i´lll fill you in on him next week when i have more

anyway. also this week, we had that concert.  it was sweet!   there
were almost 400 people there and me and 9 other missionaries sang.
haha.  so that was pretty intense.  also we had soloists and a grand
piano and microphones everywhere. it was in the auditorium of a
university.   so that was cool.   a lot of investigators came and felt
the spirit. so that was great.     so funny because it was completely
different than the concerts when i was in high school.    like it was
just 10 of us singing not 120 and i was not even nervous and i sang
super strong.  it was great.   i love being a missionary.     we have
so many neat opportunities to share the gospel.       i´m beginning
to realize that i think i´ve changed a lot since i left in some ways.
  in others i´m still the same.  but i feel like i´ve changed a lot.

anyway. i wanna chat with you so i´ll leave it at that.

love you all lots.
-elder lloyd

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