Letter #78 4/02/12 Tarantula!!

A reunion with  beloved converts!!

Jackson says that Matt is looking thick and bulky in this picture, and that
he needs to get on a weight loss program of some kind -- that maybe a tape
worm would be helpful. (haha, right jack)

Matt is in the poorest area, and pretty much surviving on eggs and beans
once a day from the members.  At least he's so so happy there!!!!
(Hopefully my Easter package full of food/candy will arrive soon!)  Have a
great week, all!    - marci

Subject: Sabancuy!

Dear Family,

its been another great week here in Sabancuy.  a bit crazy, i feel
like we´ve been running around a lot, but its been a good learning
week, a week full of the spirit!

Hna. G was interviewed thursday and baptized this friday!,
this means that thursday we did divisions, and i spent the whole day
in puerto real, Cd. del carmen!!  -- my old area!!!!  ah it was so
awesome, i ate lunch with the members, visited the people that the
elders are teaching right now, and some less actives that i know.  ah
it was great.  i felt right at home ha.

then friday, hna gwas baptized.  the baptismal service was
really special, we had two of her friends in the ward give talks,  she
already knows the relief society president well, and the counciler in
the ward that confirmed her a member is the dad of one of her friends
so it was really special.  she´s going to have plenty of fellowshiping
in the church.    hna g is super excited to be a member,
she´s reading the book of mormon and she came to conference, even
though its an hour and a half bus ride from her house--   and she
learned a ton in conference.  we visited her yesterday in the night
and she told us her 4 favorite talks and what she learned from them. i
was impressed.   i know she´s going to be an active member.

also this weekend it was super sweet -- i got to see all my converts,
or almost all of them from puerto real!   i have a pic with j
e and their family that i´m sending you,   but i also saw o,
and p.(converts)   and they´re still active and doing great,
actually o told me that his mom converted to the church, she lives
in monterrey --  he went all the way there to baptize her in february!!
awesome eh?   and the mom of o already has 2 callings, secretary
of the relief society, and ward missionary-- awesome awesome awesome.
  i feel great because when you leave an area, you hope so much that
the people you helped get baptized stay active, and it was a feeling
of great happiness this week to see many of them there in the

i loved general conference, we saw all the sessions,  IN ENGLISH.
woot.    4 other gringos from our zone and i watched in one of the
branch presidnets office.  it was great,  every talk was so powerful
and uplifting,  a lot of talks about teaching children,  and i applied
a lot of that to investigators.  i loved when one of the speakers spoke
about the importance of not only teaching the doctrine, but helping
others to understand and apply doctrine.      i loved every talk about
parents teaching children and i felt grateful through every one of
them. i´m so grateful for parents who helped me -- one of the
seventies said -- wise parents help children prepare to be ok without
them-- i´m grateful for parents who helped me to gain my own desire to
live the doctrine in my life.  who taught me by example what things
matter most.  who never forced me to make correct choices, but always
were there when i needed advice and council.

i also loved the talks of elder uchtdorf and elder holland, its so
important that we are careful not to judge, and that we who so much
need the mercy of christ look for ways to show mercy unto others.

i´m so excited to read and study the talks in the coming months.

on a less spiritual note

i had a run in with a tarantula last night.  it was in my apartment on
the wall by my bed!  we had a pretty dramatic moment trying to kill
it.  my companion with the broom and me trying to smash it with a
shoe.  .. i hate spiders.. haha.    i had a hard time sleeping
worrying about waking up with one in my bed.
thats the first run in i´ve had with one in the house

also this week i ate cow brain - yum...
and also this week we watched a little bit of mexican rodeo.  pretty
intense stuff!

i hope youre all doing well.  --getting close to 6 months, geez it
goes fast.  i have 4 transfers left--  they´re going to
ffffffllllllllyyyyy by.  but i´m going to use them with all my heart
to do the lords work.  this branch needs our help!

love ya´ll a bunch.
elder lloyd

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