Letter #79 4/09/12 Mondungo!!


hey fam!

good to be writing you again,    i enjoyed hearing from my two bros
this week!   and i loved your letters.   man my brothers are studs.
holy cow.   so much better than i was!  i´m pumped to hang with them
in 6 months. we´re going to have some sick lacrosse fun.   and they
can teach me all i need to know about music and movies and vocab and
everything.  ha.   it´ll be great--

but thats in 6 months!   i´m so grateful for the mission that the lord
has allowed me to serve.  i´m so grateful that he sent me here to
villahermosa in this time, i am awed by the infinite love and wisdom
of our god.  there is no doubt in my mind that he knows his children
and their needs and he is continually preparing his children to be
able to return to him.  i feel as if all my mission he has been
guideing me and giving me the experiences that i´ve needed to
progress.  and now i´m here in sabancuy and i know this is where the
lord needs me.  there are so many people here that are ready for the
gospel. saturday we invited three different people to be baptized and
all three accepted -- now we just need to get them to church!! haha.

This is going to be a powerful month.  our mission has some big goals
to accomplish things that have never been accomplished since the
mission was formed.  and i know my companion and i have much work to
do.     this week i´ve felt the lord seriously direct us to find his
elect.   this week we´ve found a lot of super good investigators,  i
felt prompted to contact some of them and others the lord prompted
them to speak with us.   this sunday we had a lot of people who said
they would come, and there were trials and some couldnt make it, but
we ended up with two in sacrament meeting.  and they´re super excited
for their baptism!

also this week

 i loved the ensign from this month--  there was an incredible talk by
elder bednar on the atonement.  he talked about how sometimes we focus
so much in the power of the atonement to clean our sins that we forget
that the atonement can give power to become better and power to
complete what the lord expects of us.

-- also, have you guys seen the bible videos in lds.org??  AH they´re
soooooo good.

also this week,

my companion is a bit of a greeny-- haha.   man i love him but geez he
made a mistake this week.    ha his dad has been telling him this past
month that he needs to eat something thats called Mondungo,  -- its
the inside of a cow stomach--  his dad kept telling him "its so good"
and i told him no elder, its not.  i promise-- haha.  because i´ve had
it.  but no he wouldnt listen. ha so when we were in the house of a
member he asked the hermana to cook him mondungo.  aye.   mondungo
basically tastes like a rubberband-- only covered in hairs.  wakala.
ha.   i´ve got some funny pics i´ll send you of us eating it!

well fam.  love ya a bunch.  hope your vacations goin´ well.
i´m excited to see pics
tell kam i´m thinkin about him.  i´m so excited for him to get his

-elder lloyd

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