Letter #80 4/16/12 From Sabancuy to Cedar Hills!

hey fam,

awesome pics from your trip!  looks like you had so much fun!  did you
get video of the alligators?  wow jack and slate look so cool.

this week has been pretty good.   we found a lot of new people to
teach.  it was awesome because i felt like the lord was helping us to
find the people we needed to find.  i feel like the people we´re
finding are those that really want to accept the gospel and change
their lives.   the majority of the people we´ve taught this week have
accepted to be baptized in the first lesson-- and i mean a lot of those
fall through because theyre not married or they have problems with one
of the comandments, but we´ve got a lot of people that are definitely

 the couples we´re teaching are really progressing.  idk if i´ve told
you about the people we´re teaching right now-- i dont think so.
right now we´ve got a couple named p and y --  and another
-- A and his wife.    all four came to church this week along
with two other new investigators.    p and y were
progressing really well until we read the proclamation to the world
with them this week and found out they´re not married. bah.    but
they came to church and they´re pretty faithful in completeing the
commitments we leave with them.  we have to focus this week in getting
them excited to get married haha.        A and his wife are
awesome-- and they´re married woot.   A i think has had a pretty
rough past,  but he´s definitely super escogido
because he is making some big changes.    he loved the church meeting
sunday and his wife as well, we havent talked as much with her but i
hope by the end of this week to have a baptismal date with both.

i seriously love sabancuy.  its a simple place but i love the members.
 i feel like i know them better, we see almost everyone everyday. ha.
 and i´m starting to get to know A LOT of people from the town from the
contacting we´re doing.    we stand out quite a bit-- because we´re
both gringos. ha.

mmmm what else happened this week------      we got locked out of the
house because the door was broken and we had to break a window to get
in, that was cool.

idk. its been kindof a normal average week other than that.  just
i feel like every week i learn a little bit more about missionary work,
 i think one of the things thats helping elder hansen and i to have
success here is sincerity,  i feel like here in sabancuy i´ve felt
a lot more love for the people and i teach them with the purpose that
they can understand and apply the doctrine.  not just because i want
them to be able to be baptized.  some times we focus so much in
baptism because we know its essencial for their salvation that we
forget the process of conversion.    this week as we´ve made
commitments i´ve felt the spirit so much.   when we commit someone
we first invite, then we promise blessings and testify.  and sincere
comitemnts have so much power.   everytime i promise someone that the
spirit of the lord will answere their prayers and they will know that
the things we´ve shared are true i feel the spirit testify again that
the message is true.  and i feel such a strong desire that others can
know it as well!

well i´m gunna go so we can chat in a min. love ya.

elder lloyd

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