Letter #81 4/23/12 El Arca!

hey fam!

its been an awesome week here in sabancuy.   We´ve been working hard
and this week we were very blessed by the lord.    last sunday we met
a man from our branch named F G, who brought some investigators to
church and had planned a family night with us last
monday.   but we had to leave sabancuy and go to an even smaller town
called El Arca,      its about thirty minutes outside of sabancuy and
its sooooo small.   electricity hasnt even arrived there yet!   the
houses are made from palm leaves.  i have truly felt among the
lamanites this week as i´ve been working there.   there arent really
streets there,  its like a jungle.   the people are super ready to
recieve the gospel.  humble and ready to listen.  this week we found
13 new investigatos there, and 8 had planned to come to church.   but
sunday morning one of the family´s pig died-- and they had to deal
with that and they couldnt come.    but it was basically the coolest
week working there.   we went 3 or 4 times during the week and it was
super funny because we did divisions and i went to el arca and my comp
stayed in sabancuy-- and my companion was like "not fair, i get stinky
fish area and you get to go to the other side of heaven" ha.

F G is the other reason we had so much success.  he is like a
SUPER member missionary.      this guy shares the gospel with everyone he
meets.  whatever conversation he has he relates it back to the gospel.
  so when we arrived to the town he presented us to like 15 families.
He comes with us to almost every lesson and gives powerful testimony.
 i know that in this next month we´re going to see a lot of success
here in sabancuy.   one of the best families we´re teaching right now
is C and his wife R.   they have a daughter who´s blind.  we
taught them the plan of salvation and invited them to pray to know if what
we taught was true and if they needed to be baptized.  they accepted and
when we came back they both said they felt something
incredible,  like a certanty that what we had said is true.   They
accepted to be baptized and theyre progressing really well.   every time
we enter there house and teach the spirit is so strong.   we´re super
excited for them.

other than that the weeks been pretty normal.  the branch is progressing.
we´ve raised the attendance to 44  from 32 so thats
pretty good.    mostly one thing i´ve learned in the mission is that
one of hte best ways to raise the attendance is just to get the bishop
excited and he does all the work =)

my companion and i are excited.  transfers are soon.  i´m almost
certain my companions going to go.  its his time.   he´s almost at the
year mark and he´s still comp. menor so its his turn to get an assignment!
i´ll be super super suprised if he stays because he´s a great elder and its
time they put him in charge of something!

I got your easter package and we´ve been enjoying it these past two weeks.
sorry i always forget to tell you important stuff like that
haha.   but seriously thank you because i love everything you all
sent! yum summer sausage!

well i gtg so i can chat w- ya´ll and right the presi.
-love ya´ll a bunch

elder lloyd

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