Letter #90 6/25/12 Splits with Elder Tlachi!


a su mecha!  this week went by soooo fast!   last preparation day we
just  cleaned the house and washed the clothes superfast and then went
to Ciudad del Carmen and spent the whole day working with the zone
leaders!  it was awesome, we found some great families that are super
prepared for the gospel there in their area!   then tuesday we started
the divisions,  elder tlachi and i came back here to Sabancuy and
Elder Garcia stayed there in Carmen.

holy moly elder tlachi is a good worker!  i loved every minute of the
three days we spent working here.   last week the whole focus of the
mission was to feel "fire in the bones"  like it says in jeremiah 20:9
  or in other words really feel the inner desire to share and preach
the gospel.  the president told us that if we really feel this fire
for the lords work nothing would stop us from inviting all to come
unto christ.  so the goal was to contact everyone who crossed our
path!  and it was an awesome couple of days. we worked really hard.

the first day we fasted and ended up finding a ton of great
people!   some new families to teach, some in active members that
havent went in years,  and some part member familes! it was super
great.  we also prepared a ward activity super fast and informed all
the members about it and then we got together with all the members
wednesday and had devotional and played some games.  it was super fun
and more than 30 people came. -- thats amazing because our normal
branch asistance in sacrament meeting is 30!

  we ended up teaching almost 25 lessons in 3 days!  i felt so great,
we had almost 60 people commited to come to church.      sadly the
people who had commited to come to church, didnt come.   some
frustrating setbacks.       but atleast we have a lot of new people to
teach. and we can help them progress of the next week!

as for the pics you sent!  when i saw that pic with elder utchdorf i
about died! i cant believe you got to talk with him.  i wish i could
have heard your conversation! what did he say to you guys?   i want to
know more about this!

-anyway. gtg.
have a great week
-elder lloyd

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