Letter #92 7/9/12 Hey fam!

Hey Family!

i hope youre all enjoying your trip to lake powell!  i was looking at
the pics of you guys there in powell last year and i am super excited
to be there with ya´ll next year!  i hope youre having a great trpi
and enjoying the sun.  hope the boat is working well!  and i hope that
the water has risen,  but from what you´ve said of the lack of water
my guess is that the water level went down this year!

this weeks been good.
tuesday morning at 2 in the morning i got up to drink some water and
when i went back to my bed i looked out the window and there were
three men crossing back and forth in the back yard!  as i watched them
i realized they were robbing the neighbor!  they had broken into his
house and they were taking out TVs, gas tanks, tires, tools, chairs,
tables and other stuff!  it was pretty intense, i woke up my companion
and we called the police, they said they´d send help but after 15 min
they hadnt shown up, so we called again and they said they´d send a
truck, but no one ever showed up haha.   so my companion and i waited
for the police and watched them for like 45 min rob the house and then
take everything and put it in a truck and leave!

turns out the neighbor had gone on vacation for a week and there wasnt
anyone in the house! crazy eh.  my companion had to go and testify
this week!

as for missionary work this week was good,  we had an investigator
show up to church!  a family member of a member we´ve been teaching!
and this week we had more people in sacrament meeting than in the last
4 weeks so that was good.  i think the investigators enjoyed the
classes.  hopefully we can work a lot these coming two weeks and be
able to baptize before we get transfered.

i´ve really been enjoying my personal study this last week.  we´ve
been in 3 nephi.  i love reading the words of the savior to his
apostles and when he blesses the children, when he introduces the
sacrament.  before the mission i found alma and helamen more
interesting but i have seriously come to love 3 nephi.  one of my fav.
scriptures i read this week is in 3 nephi 15:9   Behold, I am the law,
and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live;
for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life.

i love how the savior gives us the invitation to look unto him!   he
truly is the light and when we find ourselves in darkness we can look
unto him and he will fill our lives with his light.  those that endure
to the end recieve the gift of eternal life!

this past week i´ve decided to start a list of things that i want to
accomplish in the last few months of my mission!  and as i´ve sat down
to look for the personal revelation for what i need to do with the
next few months my vision of what i need to accomplish has expanded
again.  i have so many things that i need to get done. and so much
that i want to do in my next area!  i hope so much i have a companion
thats excited to work and sacrifice everything for the next few

anyway. gtg write the president
have a great week!
-elder lloyd

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