Letter #93 7/16/12!! 90 Days Left!!

Matt and members in Sabancuy

Matt and Elder Garcia in Sabancuy



its good to be writing you again.  its remarkable how fast the weeks
are flying by.
i loved the pics of powel that you sent! not gunna lie, i´m pretty
jealous,  i cant believe its been almost two years since the last time
i went swimming!   and the pics of powell look so great.  i cant wait
to be able to go boating! -- how was the water?  was it higher or
lower than last year?
glad to hear you all had fun and everyone was safe!

This week went very well. We had a baptism! woot.   we visited one of
our investigators A tuesday and had a super spiritual
lesson.   she´s living right now with her aunt, who is a
member and so she´s been coming to church with her aunt the last few
weeks, and we´ve been teaching her.   we invited her to be baptized
this saturday and she accepted.

she was baptized sunday morning before church and it was an awesome
service.  her aunt gave a talk and it was super powerful and then the
stake president confirmed her a member of the church!   it was great.
and she´s super excited.

she´s going to be such a great memeber.  she´s got an awesome
testimony of the restoration and sunday after her baptism and the
church meetings, - she paid her tithing! which is one of the best
indicators of someone with a testimony!

i´m really grateful that the lord let me witness a part of her
conversion.  that after so much time of working here in sabancuy we
could see someone accept the message!   and i´m excited because i
think her baptism is going to open the door for other members of her
family to accpet the gospel

- as for transfers, we wont know where i´m going till sunday, and i´ll
be changing areas tuesday morning of the next week!  this´ll be my
last week in sabancuy

elder garcia is doing well.  a bit more excited now, but still isnt
really working at 100%.  hés headed home in 6
weeks!   one foot in the plane one foot in the mission. its been
a bit rough keeping him active these past few weeks,  but the
day of redemption is coming soon!

 i´m pumped for the next transfer, to see where i´ll be going, and to
keep working.   every new area is a chance to start over, and i´m
excited to be the most dedicated most effective i can be in my next

hope you all have a great week and i´ll write more next week!

ps.  i havent gotten ronettes package but i´m guessing i´ll recieve it this
- as for the package you´re sending if you can send me peanut butter
and jelly it´d be great.    and whatever else you send will be awesome.
  i dont need anything to finish the mish supplies wise.  i bought an
awesome case for my scriptures this week made of alligator skin-- so i
might take out a bit of money cuz i´m pretty much broke now haha.

also if you could send me weekly election updates that would be nice
much love
Elder lloyd

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