Letter #91 7/2/12 Elecciones!

Hey Family!

JULY!!!  holy cow. i cant believe its already july.  june went by so
fast for me.
Thanks for the letters you wrote!   and tell grandma a big thanks for
the package!  i got it like two weeks ago, but i always forget to tell
you when they arrive!  i´ve been enjoying much all the granola bars
and goodys she sent!

This weeks been pretty good.    theres been a lot of big news here in
mexico with the eleccions!  politics is huge here. its actually been a
pretty big deal this whole month really.  all the campaigning of all
the canidates.  lots of rallys.  there are like 4 different big
political parties in mexico not just 2, and they get dirty --  they
have cars with big sound systems that pass all day in the street
slamming the opponents, its all super corrupt though,   the canidates
pretty much try and buy the votes of the people.   they come around
giving away food and materials to build your house.  and the night
before the campaigns there were people trying to buy other peoples
votes.   it was crazy.    they say  Enrique Peña Nieto  won for
president, but its been a pretty big debate today about if he really
should have won!    its been pretty heated here this week haha.  there
have even been fights in the streets!  its all between like 3 of the
biggest parties,  PRI, PAN, and PRD.    its been pretty interesting.
lets just say i´m glad to be an american!

this week we got sick again, -- something that we ate i think and that
affected us a bit monday tuesday and wednesday.   and then today i got
sick again, but now with some sort of allergy-- i´ve been sneezing and
itching my eyes alll day.  frustrating.

wednesday we had our  branch home evening which my companion and i are
officially in charge of and that ended up being super great.  i was
a little worried because last week the activity was so awesome when
E. Tlachi was here, but this week was just me and e. Garcia.  But it
ended up being much more spiritual than the week before. we talked
about sacrifice. and how important it is that we are all willing to
make sacrifices for hte lord.  he already took upon himself the
grandest sacrifice of all, now its our turn to show our willingness to
follow him by our daily sacrifices of a broken heart and a contrite
- after the lesson we played some games and it ended up being super
good.   not as many people came but everyone who came left edified.
and elder garcia and i were both super satisfied with it.

I called the mission president this week to talk with him about some
things in the area and he really got me excited about the rest of
the mission.  he told us that we need to get the area ready because in
three weeks he´s going to take both my companion and I out of the
area.  There are going to be some big changes in the mission--  25
elders are going home this transfer-- that means they´ll need
trainers, district leaders and zone leaders!   so i´ve got 3 more
weeks here and we´ll see where i´m going next!

yesterday i watched one of the guys in the branch open his mission
call!   he´s going to Mexico City.   but I was thinking a ton in the
day i opened my mission call -- that was over two years ago.  I
remember how excited i was to find out where i was going and to get
out there into the field.   and now its almost over. just three short
months can you believe it.   i dont know where all the time went.  I
just want to use the rest of the time i have the best i can.   i´ve
already learned so much i just what to be in a position where i can
apply everything i´ve learned and see some success finishing up my

well love ya´ll a bunch.
alls well here in sabancuy
write ya more next week
STAY SAFE!!!!  i get worried every time you guys go to powell!
have fun though.
love- elder lloyd

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