Letter #94 7/23/12 Transfer!

i have transfers tomorrow!

my new area is   Centro   in the zone  Acayucan, veracruz

my new comp is named Elder Gonzales

i´ll write more in the afternoon.
love ya
-elder lloyd

hey fam!

well theres been a change of transfer! ha.   the offices called us and
said that the president has been praying this morning and felt like he
should change some of the transfers--

my new transfer is
Gaviotas, Villahermosa
and my new companion will be elder muñoz

i{m pretty excited about this because its the first time i{ll be
serving in Villahermosa!    and Gaviotas is one of the biggest zones
in the mission.   there are two zones in villa.  lots of wards lots of
chapels.  i{m pretty pumped to see exactly where i{ll be at!
---------  elder muñoz i{ve heard is a good missionary,  he has like a year
i think.  really i{m not 100% sure but i{ll tell you lots more
info about everything next week when i meet him!   i{m almost 100%
sure though that i{m not going to finish my mission in Villa. we{ll see how
long the president has me there in gaviotas.

my companion elder garcia is going to Ciudad del Carmen!  and he{s going as
a district leader so he{s pretty pumped about that!  this is his last
transfer! his companion is elder andrade who is an excelent elder.

This week we hardly spent much time in our area.  tuesday we went to Cd. del
carmen and spent the day there with the zone leaders, wednesday we went to
villahermosa and spent the night there for a Conference with one of the
General Authorities,  Elder Benjamin De Hoyos,  that we had Thursday.  The
conference was excellent.  Elder Benjamin de hoyos gave a powerful message.
He and his wife are super great. they both gave such great messages.  Sister
de Hoyos talked longer than the mission president and longer than her
husband, but she was seriously powerful,   i think i have double the notes
from her talk than from anyone else.  she spoke of the importance of
deepening our compresion of the atonement to be able to complete our purpose
as missionaries.  and reminded us to focus everything we do as
missionaries to the atonement of jesus christ.   as missionaries
sometimes we think the most important principle and ordinance of the gospel
is Baptism.  but we forget that all of our teaching efforts should be
focused on and relate back to the atonement of christ.
our purpose as missionaries is first and formost, help all to come unto
christ, by helping them to strengthen their faith in Christ and
HIS ATONEMENT.   if we fullfill this first purpose, the investigator
will much more easily take the steps of repentance that lead them to baptism
and true conversion.  Sister de hoyos invited us to deepen our compresion of
the atonement by dedicated study of the doctrine and afterwards-- living the
atonement in our lives.

after she spoke the Mision president spoke about the importance of
strengthening our faith. and afterward elder benjamin de hoyos spoke again
of the atonement and the scriptures.  it was seriously a great conference.
three zones of the mission were there!

friday we were back in our area, and we{ve just been working these last few
days getting the area ready for the next elders.

i}m really excited to start again in a new area.  i{m excited to meet my new
companion and to work with him in the next few weeks. i{ve been thinking a
lot the last few weeks of what i want to do different and i{m super excited
to be in a bigger ward and to be able to work a bit more with the members!

well fam. i gtg. write the pres.
love ya much and hope ya have a great week -elder lloyd

ps.  i did recieve ronettes package! tell her a big thanks! i{m loving the
Cliff bars and pop tarts!

also-- elder tlachi is leaving for his home tomorrow!!!!! AH!   i{m
going to see him tonight for the last time!

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